Wood Frequency Business Profile Michelle Mazur

June 15, 2016

Michelle MazurMichelle Mazur, Ph.D. delivers audacious breakthroughs for speakers who want to stand out, be the best in-class in their field and position themselves in a category of one. She is the CEO of Communication Rebel and the author of Speak Up for Your Business.

Michelle is on the Wood Frequency and has invited us in for a behind the scenes look at how understanding her Frequency has impacted her business growth.

Tell us a bit about your business, how do you primarily make your money?

My business is morphing from primarily 1:1 work and group programs. My signature offering is Speak for Impact where I teach business owners, entrepreneurs, and public speakers how to craft a speech that is an asset for their business, attracts speaking gigs and gets them paid what they are worth. It’s a methodology that I’ve developed over the past 3 years that approaches writing a speech more like building a product or service for your business.

How did you navigate the fear of going from one on one work to a group program?

My biggest fear was that my Speak for Impact process would not work without me intimately involved in every step. I thought I was the secret sauce, but that is actually the methodology. Running the beta version of Speak for Impact proved that fact.

To combat that fear, I made sure that my students in Speak for Impact have access to me. We have twice a week office hours, I review and give personalized feedback in their workbook, and there’s a Facebook group so they can support each other. I limit the program to 10-people.

Wood Frequencies love to have a lot going on, and sometimes that can get overwhelming.  How do you decide what to focus your energy on?

My energy is intense and I have to work to focus it. I’ve put systems in place to help me do it.

Every Friday, I open up Asana and plan the next week. I set my top 3-5 priorities for the week that are related to my big picture goals, look at my Google Calendar and figure what days are best to schedule the tasks for those priorities.  When I don’t do these weekly planning session, I feel scattered and all over the map. This systems keeps me on track and focused.

Wood Frequency business owners often  have a strong “I could do more!” voice in their heads — can you share a bit about how you deal with that?

I’ve been battling the “I could do more” voice ever since I was working on my Ph.D. in Communication, and that voice is still strong, but I have some safeguards built into my life to combat it.

My husband has a day job, and when he gets home things shift for me. I know it’s time to power done and spend the evening with him. I’ve also implemented and end of the day ritual. I clear my email inbox (to the best of my ability), pause the inbox, and then plan for the next day.

My other second weapon in the battle is my accountability partner. We have daily check-ins in the morning where we set our intentions for the day. It grounds and focuses me. Plus, my partner is awesome at saying “Wow, that’s sounds like a lot!” if I have too many intentions for the day.

Taking true vacations and breaks are often a struggle for Wood Frequencies, how have taking real breaks and vacations impacted you and your business?  

I have huge resistance to taking true breaks. My husband and I went to Whistler over the summer, and I was in my inbox every day until my VA texted me and said “Get out of your email. Enjoy your vacation. I got this.”

When I came back, I felt refreshed. I had a new perspective on my project. I had client inquiries. Basically, the world didn’t end while I was gone and my business was still thriving.

I’ve really learned that breaks create spaciousness.

Can you share how you’ve created a personal routine, and how it supports your business growth?  

I put my personal routine on my schedule otherwise it doesn’t happen. I use to go to Yoga all the time and that slipped away when I started my business. A great studio opened in my neighborhood, so I scheduled to go to yoga once a week.

The key for me is to schedule the class during times when I am not as productive.

What is your relationship to Social Media? Any tools or strategies you use to manage it in a healthy way?  

I’ve got a pretty healthy relationship with most social media channels except for one. Facebook is like crack to me. It’s the way I like to connect, but man, it’s a time suck of doom.

It’s a bit hard to manage. I run The Rebel Speaker Facebook group and I like to connect with people in that group and I consider that networking. However, I check-in with the group, check-in with a couple of other groups I love, then start scrolling my newsfeed. Then all the sudden an hour has passed, and I’ve watched five cat videos.

I have systems in place to handle social media. I use Rescuetime to track how much time I’m spending doing what. I use Stay Focused to block Facebook and other social media sites after I spent an hour on them during the day.

How did understanding your Wood Frequency impact your business actions and growth?

I’m hard on myself. I always think my business should be growing faster than it is. I know now that this is part of my Wood Frequency. I’m always reminding myself that my business is growing just as it should be. When I’m feeling that frustration, I look back at my numbers and remind myself of how far I’ve come. It grounds me.


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