Hey Money Maker, let's be honest

It’s a long, confusing journey to being in business for yourself, and a winding one to have the type of financially supportive business you want.   I’m here to help simplify all that, and guide you on your unique-to-you journey towards empire maven.   After 6 years of building my own empire and helping others do the same, I’ve learned a few things about the journey.


So what's the solution?

Work With Me!

Empire Builders is a comprehensive, accelerator experience designed to help you re-focus and grow your business. You leave with clarity, focus, a personalized marketing plan, systems and enhanced services to grow your business and make more money. This all inclusive package comes with customized business coaching and strategy, a money clearing to tackle your emotional and energetic money blocks and a personalized Frequency analysis. It’s time to stop spinning your wheels.

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Build your Empire

Just want to take care of those pesky money blocks?

  • When you’re doing tons of work and nothing is working
  • Tackles the energetic sweaters we’re dragging around
  • You get a full reading with insights and actionable ways to keep the clearing working after it’s completed

Get a Clearing

Focused on Frequency?

  • Build your business based on you
  • Finally understand the shifts in your energy month to month, year to year, and plan for it, instead of feeling tossed around and confused by it
  • Lean into your strengths and ditch the rest

Frequency Analysis

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