Ellen Ercolini is a Money Making Expert + Business Strategist.  

If you’d like to interview her, have her craft custom content for your site, speak at your event or talk to your group drop her a note here or email her at ellen {at}

Topics she can speak and write on:

  • Creating your signature system – creating a business backbone that can sustain your growth
  • How to not sell coaching – changing the way coaches build business, get clients and make money
  • You’re leaving money on the table – leaving your comfort zone for maximum profit
  • Creating a business that works FOR you, not the other way around
  • Decision making  – the most important skill to making more money
  • Collaboration – how to bring out the best in your business partners

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Ellen Ercolini is a vivacious and engaging personality that inspires creative business owners to build custom businesses that earn them dream-like amounts of money. Not only has she spent her entire life learning what it takes to build a successful home-based business, she’s had several. Her work has been featured on Women 2.0, Transforum Blog, American Express Open Forum, and Makeness Media. She’s been interviewed on Lady Business Radio and Media Moxie with Maggie Patterson. She delights in helping creative business owners change the world and make more money.


I reached out to Ellen on one of those not so stellar days as an entrepreneur. You know, the kind where your head is a hot mess and you feel like you are going in circles? In a matter of two hours, Ellen and I were able to get clear on what I did and didn’t want in my business and create a way forward that was not only practical, but played to my true gifts. Three months later, I’ve made immense progress in my business, exceeding every single goal we set out. Ellen has some serious business superpowers and you can’t afford not to have her on your team.
~ Maggie Patterson

Before I started working with Ellen, I didn't know what the hell to do with my business. I was getting burnt out on one-on-one clients and although I was making enough money to fund my life, I was exactly rolling in the dough.

Since working with Ellen I've already tripled my income from last year, and there are still five more months to go.

Really though, and money and results aside, working with Ellen is like a one-two punch. She is incredibly business savvy, smart and aware, but she also has an insanely sharp intuitive side that tends to cut everything to bone so you can figure out what is REALLY stopping you from the business and money you want. Then she clears it all up (through her money clearings + personal readings) so you can get to rocking.
~ Sally Hope

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