Hey there, money-maker

If you’re a smart, savvy creativa ready to make awesome money (like yesterday), develop irresistible services that practically sell themselves and kickstart your ascent into fame, I’m your girl.
I’m Ellen Ercolini, money-making expert for creative entrepreneurs and I’m here to revolutionize your business through a potent combo of personalized business strategy, deep inner work and community connection

I get it

You want to change the world and empower other people to be their best, most amazing selves. You’re driven, hard-working-as-heck and truly want to make a difference on this planet - you’ve got vision and an incredible heart. The world needs what you have to offer.


So why don’t you feel freakin’ fabulous about your biz?

Why do you still doubt your talents, gifts and strengths? And most importantly, why aren’t you sitting on a beachfront property, raking in dough from your laptop like a boss... all while transforming lives and the world around you.


Well trailblazer,

truth is you’re not rocking your biz because you haven’t figured out how to run YOUR business, YOUR way. I believe the best, sustainable businesses are run by seriously confident people who know what makes them amazing, what makes them cash and who makes them better in business.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help you both own your amazing and own an amazing business.

Sound like a plan?

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How I Do It

I work with clients one-on-one to get incredibly clear on who they are and what they do. Via my signature process, we create a business that finally feels clear, comfortable and full of ease - a business that is as natural to you you as your right hand. Together, we come up with all the essential ingredients you need to take over the world - like sizzling services, killer group programs and bangin’ business strategy.

I also run my signature group, The Money Makers, to enhance how you feel about yourself and your work and create a powerful community around it. To say it’s a confidence builder is an understatement. The Money Makers is a transformational incubator where business builders go to work out their “stuff” (we all got it), so they can step into the spotlight after ditching the negative self talk, doubts and gross feelings of isolation and confusion clouding their shine.

Why I Do It

I grew up watching my parents struggle to make it in the entrepreneurial world.

As an uber-observant kid, I noticed the difference between a good month and a bad month. I KNOW how important it is to build predictable, sustainable income. I know what a game-changer money can be to your life, family and future.

Also, I’m obsessed with business strategy. I’ve been running my own businesses since I was ten, and adore thinking of new and creative ways for people to make cash. Seriously I can’t stop. Once my brain locks onto your biz, it will never be the same.

Above all, I do what I do because I freaking care. I know how big of a deal this is for you - this is your life dream after all – and I want to help you make it happen. Oh, and my creative brain just won’t let me do anything else.


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Professional Bio

Ellen Ercolini is a money-making expert and strategist for creative entrepreneurs from Oakland, CA.  Often referred to as a business visionary,  Ellen uses a combination of business acumen, creative thinking and coaching to help clients grow their business and skyrocket their incomes.

A die-hard do-gooder with serious desire to help others change the world, Ellen’s had stints in several Bay Area non-profits and received a life coaching certification from the Coaches Training Institute in 2010. (She’s certified by the International Coach Federation.) When she’s not collaborating with world changing entrepreneurs to help them create businesses they love and make more money fast, Ellen can often be found adventuring with her dog Huxley or travelling the world. Her ultimate life goal is to visit every country that starts with M – only 17 more to go!


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Hey there, money-maker

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