How To Build Your Posse To Take Over The World

November 19, 2013

It’s impossible to go at the business of building your business alone.


One of the biggest struggles and complaints I hear from my clients, peers and friends is that they are the only one on this creative business building life path – and there’s no one to talk to about it with.   They feel like their dreams are so different from their friends and partners, and that people don’t take them seriously when they say they work from home.

We’re creatures that crave community (well, most of us anyway)  and if you’re feeling like the only creative-online-world-changing multipassionate-solopreneur you know in your ‘real’ life, here are some ways and reasons to build your posse and take the online, offline.

Make Skype Dates
There are some bumpin’ and thrivin’ online communities designed to foster entrepreneurial growth.  They are incredible hubs of energy and action – but if you’re like me, you want more.  You want people who know more about you than your name and twitter bio.  So make a skype date!  It helps to deepen relationships, and get a sense of the person behind the profile.

Attend local meet-ups
If you work from home, an opportunity to leave the house and connect with local kindred spirits is an opportunity not to be missed. It’s a great way to make local friends who are in the same industry as you, or at least have a similar work schedule and drive.

Create a ‘street-team’ or ‘power posse’
These are people whose work you really jive with, and they jive with yours.  These might be born of your skype dates, in person meet-ups or masterminds.  These are awesome folks who you can share the inside scoop with what you’re up to and support them with what they working on.  It can also be an incredible community to help push you to higher levels and create new and interesting things.   It’s an inner circle of likeminded folks dedicated to helping each other take over the world.

Join a community of likeminded, wildly supportive rockstars
There are loads of these out there – but I have yet to find one as whole life supportive as the Wildheart Revolution.  It’s not just for business builders, although we’re well represented and supported.  It’s for folks ready to take their entire life to an elevated level of awesome – with weekly coaching, heartwork, guest leaders and giveaways.

It’s an inspiring and wildly supportive community full of people dedicated to living the heck out of their lives, and encouraging you to do the same.    As business owners, we know it takes more than metrics and drive to make our businesses go – you need heart, self-care, fun, all things that come in spades inside the Wildheart Revolution.

We know that often times, we can over-focus on one thing and drop the ball on other elements in our lives. { My business is GREAT! …What’s a date?  This can’t be just me :-)} It’s something we work on a ton inside Wildheart – and we want you to stop struggling with having one or the other, and start letting your life fire on all cylinders.

How are you building your posse?  What benefits have you seen from having a posse of likeminded folks?

Small_1837_croppedI’m Ellen, Money Making Expert.  I help creative business owners make more money and revolutionize their businesses.  It’s my mission to help all you creative business owners, coaches, soloprenurs and world changers get paid, well.  Ready to find out what’s possible when we work together? Book your power sesh here.  20 minutes, you and me, totally free.

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