3 Ways To Limit Yourself To Grow Your Business

November 11, 2013

It’s so easy these days to want to do EVERYTHING.  Write the book, host the teleseminar, go to all the amazing events, be everywhere on social media, be a public speaker, have several lines of passive income, make tons of money.   In trying to DO everything, we often get caught up in trying to BE everything, which not only can make you feel insane, but it sends a lot of diluted messages to the world and your clients.

Because no matter how incredible you are, you can’t be everything to everyone.  By trying to do that, you are actually slowing down your business growth, because you’re detracting from what you’re actually amazingly powerful at.  Here are 3 ways to limit yourself to grow the heck outta your business.

Do one thing really well
Yes, you might actually be a certified yoga-reki-coach-nutritionist, BUT, to grow your business, you need to limit the focus of what you do.  What’s the thing that you want to focus on doing really, exceptionally well, and have the rest be gravy?  Do that.  If you’re not sure what to choose, book a red hot clarity with me, we’ll sort you out quick!  By focusing on one thing, you’ll also become more exceptional at it, because you will be devoting all your learning and growth to one area, instead of 6.   It’s critical to do ONE thing really well because it helps people remember what you do, and also trust that you are exceptional at it.   My friend Mike wrote a cool article about this, you can check it out here.

Be specific in who you help

Who do you really work with?  Get specific, be clear, own it!  Trying to work with everyone is a surefire way to end up working with no one.  You know who your clients are, it’s your job to own that and make it super clear in everything you do, so your people can know that you are speaking to them, and they feel seen and heard by you.   It’s the quickest way to develop relationships with your ideal people you want to help, is OWNING the fact that you can seriously help them, telling them, and not trying to save the world and be everything to everyone.

Offer 3 services max
But less if you can.  By having 10 different ways people can work with you on your site, potential clients go into options overwhelm and often end up leaving without buying anything.  This goes for e-books, workbooks, one-on-one services, group programs, etc. Less is more, because it focuses the work that you do and it makes your potential clients pick one of three instead of trying to sift through waaaaay too many offerings. If you’ve got multiple e-books or workbooks, create a bundle and sell them all together, instantly creating one higher value offering rather than 6 small ones.  Simplify.  This will also help you showcase the one thing you do really well.

If you focus on the one thing you do really well, who you actually help and create simple, powerful ways to help them, you have the secret recipe for business growth.  The rest is just hustling 🙂

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