Alert! You Can Edit The Internet

January 23, 2014

eesaysomethingSo, I have been hearing this A LOT lately “I can’t post/upload/launch/create until I know exactly what I want to say.”

To which I say, “Say something, it’s infinitely better than nothing.”

Unless you’re talking about hurting other people, which you’re totally not.

Because here’s the thing, you can edit as you go.  

The internet is a living breathing document.  It’s not set in stone, thank god.  You can take down posts you decide you hate.  You can redesign your header with a new tag line, or even business name.  You can write your title 16 different ways on 16 different posts if you want. The truth is people are not paying as much attention to you as you think they are.

So say something.  Launch the opt-in.  Post the video.  Have fun with a new title.  As long as it doesn’t seem zig-zag schizophrenic, your audience will likely roll with it.   It’s better to give your audience MORE to connect with, instead of less. It’s certainly better to give people something to connect with on your site, even if it’s not perfect, rather than the ‘ohhh, my website’s not quite updated‘ dance of shame. That dance sucks.  I am giving you permission to update your site now and change it later if you feel like it – because you can edit the internet.  

If you need a lens to think about this, ask yourself, how can I make it clear what I do and who I help?  Every iteration of your video/blogs/titles/homepage etc should get you closer and closer to answering that question.  But it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be something.

Keep in mind, that answer will evolve over time, and that’s a good thing.  Businesses are also living breathing evolving entities.  If you’re paying attention and connecting with your clients and what lights you on fire, your business will be evolving over time.

If it’s something bigger, more branding overhaul related, then you’re going to want to take people on that journey with you and explain why the change.   If it’s related to what your audience is into, you can turn it into a nice little story and lesson for them, like I did here with my name shift.

So go ahead, press publish.  Don’t be afraid to try things, because you can always edit.  And often that feedback you get on trying things in the real world, or live on your site, is how you know you want to edit them in the first place.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been ‘waiting until it’s clear’ on in the comments!

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