Accountability : Judgement : Lovefest – don’t back off the highdive

August 23, 2011

So I quit my job.  A year ago, basically.  I’ve been working part time since then.  Earlier this year I recognized that while yes stable income is (sometimes) good, it was an energy drain and holding me back from going big with my business.  Mostly because I was using it as an excuse for holding me back.  It was an energy drain.  I knew it, my friends knew it.

When I told my friends and family that the ‘end of August’ was my last day, they cheered.  They circled it on THEIR calendars, and have been waiting to toast me.  Well the end of August is pretty much here, and my revised exit date is Sept 22.   Guaranteed.

I have received SO MANY disapproving faces in response to this date change.  My friends and family seem mad at me!  Not for quitting my job, but for not staying true to my goals and dreams.  They see me on the cusp, they know coaching is The.Right.Thing for me.  They want me to freaking DO it.

At first I was defensive, trying to explain the change (there are many good reasons!) but I realized through my explanations that they’re not truly mad, they’re disappointed, and they’re keeping me accountable.

Now it just warms my heart.  They give me the stern face, and I give them the “awwww you just want what’s best for me!” look.  It’s endearing to see it from so many places.   It’s a genuine lovefest disguised as judgmental disapproval.

To judge is human right?  We hate it, we do it.  Let it work for you.  When you are getting ready to take your big leap, tell everybody!  Romance, work, move, school, let them know exactly when and why it’s happening.   Create accountability for yourself.  If you don’t have a coach to do this for you, ask your friends to do it.  It makes it much harder to back off the high-dive.


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