Ain’t Nothin’ To Do But To Do It. Create NOW.

September 2, 2011

Goodness!  Sometimes it is HARD to be creative.  Sometimes, I don’t feel like it.  SOMETIMES, it just feels stuck and gooey and dark and oh look, my kitchen needs cleaning.   I coach my clients to ‘create from now! Use all of that!’ – messy, tired, overwhelmed, funky, life! It’s so authentic.  As an inspirer of the unconventionally creative, and coach of many creative forces in this world, I give this speech quite a bit.  “Don’t wait for it to be the perfect moment. Create anyway! Just start.  It’ll flow.  When is the moment ever perfect?”

I laughed to myself as I realized that by cleaning my kitchen, I was employing the exact same type of creativity-avoidance!  I was telling myself “It’s Friday.  No one reads the internet on Friday.  I’ve got too many ideas anyway.  I should walk the dog instead.”

What I did, was start.writing.  I am just doing it.  Right now.  The moment is not perfect (or is it?), yet here I sit.

Life is too short.  Stop repressing your creativity.  Stop saying things like “I can’t do that” or “I need to learn more“, “I don’t have supplies” or worse yet, “I’m not artistic or creative“.  Stop making freaking excuses for why you are oppressing your wild brilliant wacky self.  It’s all there.  Just do it.  Create.  NOW.  See what happens.

But I don’t know what to do.

Yes you do.  You know what your soul is longing to create – indulge it.  Create from the unknown.  Create from a place of uncertainty.

I just did and I feel unleashed.  It’s fan-freaking-tastic.   Now I’m ready to go walk the dog.

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5 thoughts on “Ain’t Nothin’ To Do But To Do It. Create NOW.

  1. Yes! This blog post was very timely. I just googled this morning “How to be creative when you’re not feeling creative,” and I LOVE your approach! Amazing how easy it is to get going when you just start.

  2. Ellen, this reminds me of my daily practice of morning pages as explained in Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. I am holding an Artist’s Way group right now and am so grateful for the accountability of others to ‘just do it!’ Thanks!!

    • Thanks Sheila! I am ALL ABOUT Daily Creative Action – you can check out my take on it on that page. I love the concept of doing something, ANYTHING, everyday and connecting with that part of ourselves. The Artists Way is a great structure for that as well as the accountability structure – enjoy the process!! 🙂

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