Are You Leaving Money On The Table? New Video Series

October 8, 2013

Hello Dear Creativas!

It’s an epidemic.  It’s alarming.  So many powerful, inspiring, impactful businesses are leaving money on the table.

And I get it – it’s hard to do it all yourself.  It’s hard to carve out time during a super busy month/week/year/life to really dive deep into who your people are and craft the perfect opt-in for them.   Online creative businesses are made up of a hundred moving parts, on a good day.   Most business owners are holding all the reigns themselves and don’t have the time and bandwidth to deal with all of it.

Because of this, these wonderful businesses that have the power to change the world are leaving money on the table.  That kills me because with more income, these women are capable of seriously changing their lives and the world.  They can have more options, opportunity, freedom.  I LOVE seeing businesses thrive, and sometimes, all they need are specific adjustments.

To help you understand what I mean, I created a video series! It seems easier to show not tell, yes?

It should be noted that Suzi’s business is doing really well.  She’s got clients booked through December, and she’s liking her work.  These business challenges come up at EVERY stage, not just in the super-start-up phase.   These are challenges and roadblocks that come up at every level in business.  The hard doesn’t go away, it just evolves as your business does.

Which is also why I am on fire to partner with businesses in a 1-on-1 way.  Really get to know the people running them, the quirks, the life they want, and help them wrangle their businesses into a thriving, soaring, well paid machine.  It makes me SO happy to see businesses like Suzi’s shine even brighter. 

Ellen_Ercolini_Headshot_RedI’m Ellen, Money Making Expert.  I help creative business owners make more money, fast.  It’s my mission to help all you creative business owners, coaches, soloprenurs and world changers get paid, well.  Curious what’s possible when we work together? Book your power sesh here.  20 minutes, you and me, totally free.

Go for it! In fact, if you have ANY doubt that you might not be going in the right direction in your business, all you need is one session with Ellen.  She’s not only extremely business-savvy and able to come up with innovative, creative and totally ON FIRE ideas quick-as-all-hell, her razor-sharp wit and relaxed demeanor made the whole session feel like I was talking to a (super–smart) BFF.” – Erica

Put more you in your business

(regardless of your myers-brigg)

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