Sexy Summer Roundup

August 8, 2013

It’s that time of year again, that lull between summer and fall, when our brains are effectively…off.  August is a month for taking it slow, enjoying vacation, and letting things slide.   But then September starts and it’s all “back to school, back to business, work hard so the holidays are awesome!”  September can be a bit of an overachiever, and if you’re not ready for it, it can land you on your butt.

There is an abundance of truly awesome, life enhancing, incredibly reasonably priced programs, books and workshops happening now.  With a smidgen of brain and heart activity, can make sure your September is ahhhh-mazing.  Let’s think of August as a month for a low-key tune up.  What’s that one thing you need to work on that will make your September (and whole life) way better?  Love? Owning your awesome? Getting your Biz Shiz a little tighter?  Dealing with your money stuff?  We’ve all got something we could be better at, and these lovely ladies have you covered.

Sidenote: I get a lot of wonderful feedback, about my business and life.  People write to me saying they like how I do things, or say things, or just generally am.  It’s, amazing and I am so lucky, and it takes work! I have worked with or read everything by all these ladies.  When things get funky, these are the programs and books I turn to to make the funk stop and the awesome start. What I’m saying is, being awesome, powerful, fun, sexy, loveable, wild, world dominating, badass, all of the things (!) is in your hands.  And here are some totally sweet tools to get you there, whichever direction you feel like moving in right now.  They rock, and so do you.

Love Life Tune Up

If you’ve been wondering when, or if, your next big relationship is going to happen, my girl Natalie has you covered.  This class is designed to get you clear on what it is you want (and why you want it!) so you can pay attention and notice when it shows up.  You’re creating a big, powerful magnate to draw the love you want closer to you (and repel that love you don’t, so it stops bring you down).  It’s pay what you can.  So, get it.  Details and sign up here. 

Wildheart Revolution

If you’re ready to connect with other kindred spirits who are all about carpeing the eff outta their diems, and living life to the fullest on their terms, you’re gonna want to join.  Sally Hope is the leader of this revolution, and it’s a doozey.  Fun people, meaningful conversations, live coaching sessions & group calls, this is definitely not your average facebook group.  Hop over to get all the wildheart info and pre-register to be the first on the list to find out about the revolution when it starts.

Rebels With Cause

This is my favorite find of the week, and not just because it’s co-run my my girl Fel (she’s got swag, yo.) It’s a bust through your own walls manifesto, the perfect reading material as you write your next blog post from the beach.  She and Sian got some super insightful folks to share their wisdom with you.  And it’s free.  Right here.

Get Rich Lucky Bitch

This book is changing my life right and left.  Denise has some truly red hot insights about money, and how it holds us back.  The activities she assigns are deep (forgive your past) and fun (upgrade your life!), and it’s been a financial game changer for me. This book also pairs great with the beach, I soaked up my copy from the beach in the Dominican Republic.  If you dream of making a lot of money and are freaked out scared about it, holding yourself back, or have hit a plateau, this book is for you.  

Biz Shiz 

The lovely and talented Rebecca Tracey does it again, this time with creating an ‘all the shiz you need to know to start your biz’ booklet.  If you’ve got a new business and need the guidebook on where to start/what to do, she’s got you covered. The lessons are one page, which means they are jam packed with action, wisdom and insight.  No fluff here, just straight to the point, this is what you need to build your biz.  It’s also pay what you can.  Amazing.  Details here.

I heart email

And you can too! Alex Franzen is leading this 10 day course to help us (me, mostly) get out of email overwhelm and fall in loooove with our email.  It’s also pay what you can, with all the moolah going to a very cool non-profit.   Want to love your email? Details here. 

Which one is for you? Let me know in the comments so we can rock our Septembers together!  If you’ve got another sultry summer offering that needs to be in the Sexy Summer Roundup, drop it in the comments!

Ellen_Ercolini_Headshot_RedI’m Ellen, a business coach + decision making expert.  You want me on your team.  I am revolutionizing the way coaches and solopreneurs build businesses.  I’ve got 1 Mastermind session left for August.  If you want your biz bangin by September, you need this.  Want to chat about what’s possible for your biz? Grab your time here.

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