Money Loves Clarity, So How Much Do You Have?

February 20, 2014

Oh yes, here we are again, talking about one of my favorite topics.  Money.   And what it takes to make oodles of it.   We’re all in this to make some, so let’s cut to the chase.

One of the biggest roadblocks I see for business owners, especially the service based ones, is that they are not super clear on what they’re selling.

True confession, this is a giant soapbox place for me because it’s SO important to me that businesses are successful.

When business owners aren’t clear on what they’re selling, they say different things to different people, depending on who they’re talking to.  Every client gets a slightly different version of their service, they overcomplicate things, and they are not clear and confident on what makes them incredible at changing lives.   And that muddiness, that un-focus, repels money.

People feel strange about investing in something that they are unsure how it’s going to really effect their lives.  They want to work with people who are confident in their skills and services.  If you’re asking someone to part with their hard earned dolla’ bills, they need to feel like YOU feel clear and confident about how you can help them.  If you don’t feel that, they won’t feel that.

eeclarityIf you don’t have enough money coming into your business, you need some clarity, stat.  If you don’t know what you’re selling,  and what makes you incredible at what you do, how the heck are you going to sell it?

Because the clearer you are about those things, the easier it is for people to understand what you do, and the quicker your ideal clients can connect with you and this “Holy YES this person is incredible.” The clearer you are about your offerings, services and programs, the easier it is for people to say YES I NEED THIS TAKE MY CREDIT CARD PLEASE.  And trust me, people DO say that, when you are crystal clear about how you’re going to change their lives.

If you’ve got the money, it’s a gateway for clarity because you can create the space and hire the help to get you as crystal clear as possible about what you sell and how you make money.  And if you have clarity about what you’re selling, and what makes you fan-freaking-tastic, money can flow to you with ease once you put your work out there and hustle it.

Money loves clarity because it likes to have a job and a purpose.  Money likes to know what it’s going to DO.  And all of us like to know what our money is going to do for us. I think it’s because money likes to feel important.  The more you can make money feel important, the more you can give it a super specific and clear purpose, the more it can flow, both to you and into important investments, like travel, jewelry, and amazing shoes 🙂

And the mega bonus? The clearer you are about what you’re selling, the easier it is to blog/develop your website/create or re-design your opt-in/talk to potential clients it is.  Because with clarity comes focus and conviction, that help refine your work and make it easy to make decisions about what to talk about, and how to talk about it.  SWEET right?

If  you don’t have as much money and clarity as your heart desires, work on making your business and what you do as direct and simple as possible. Keep hammering it out, keep trying new things.

The more you distill it down, the more you’ll create something amazing in the world that is clear and easy to share.

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