Michael Jackson Got It Right: A Danceable Guide To Changing The World

April 3, 2013

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change.

I was not allowed to listen to Michael Jackson as a kid.  My mom didn’t like him, and his music was off limits.  Yes I knew his popular hits, the Free Willy song still gives me chills, but I was never a Michael devotee.  To this day, I don’t own any of his albums, and do not know any of the moves to the Thriller dance.

The first time I heard Man In The Mirror, I was on my way home from Coaching class.  My two carpool buddies were in the car, and this song came on.  My friend dedicated it to me, and I smiled wanly and pretended to know what it was.  He sang along to the lyrics, every single one, so intensely that it made me uncomfortable.  If I had never heard this song before, how could he be singing the lyrics so deeply and passionately?

The next time I heard the song, I started listening to the words.  Eventually, I was struck by the rawness, the realness, and the sense of a man hitting bottom and doing something about it.  I started nodding my head when it would get played on more car rides home from class.  This would signal that I got it, that I understood the meaning.

I still didn’t totally.  It was a Michael Jackson song, which still felt vaguely forbidden.   I was going to write a different column this week, but when I stopped at the store to pick up food for my dog, Man In The Mirror was playing, just from the beginning on the store loudspeakers.  I started dancing.  I started bopping around, singing the words.  The cashier noticed, and gave me the ‘it’s late, this song rocks, let’s have a dance party’ look.  We busted some moves.  I sang my heart out.  I heard this song in such a new, powerful way.  Because that’s the thing, if you want to change the world, it starts with you.  No matter how much you ask of others or want for the world,  if you don’t change yourself, nothing else will.

There’s never a right, best, perfect or good time for real change.  That’s what makes it even more important, and potentially transformational.  If we don’t change, if we don’t look at ourselves and decide to be better, to rise, to make a change, then nothing, no where is going to happen.  That starts and stops with you, looking in the mirror.  That’s hard.  No doubt about it.  Change is not easy or seamless or without pain.  But it’s mandatory.  It’s how we stop living the same patterns over and over again.

Change is an inside job.  It’s up to you and you alone. You’re holding the box and the key.  So what are you going to change? What needs to change? Wanna have a dance party while you think about it?

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