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September 28, 2015

cover170x170I am in love with Elizabeth Gilberts podcast, Magic Lessons.

It’s short, powerful, and a great example of how to draw in your everyday listeners AND your famous friends, while still being of mega service.  She’s a Wood Frequency, and you can really see here how she wants to help people move forward and achieve big things in the world.  (Not sure what that last sentence means? Hop on over here to get the scoop.)

I’ve been talking about the episodes a LOT – and people have been asking me where to start, so I am downloading all in one place so you can pick and choose episodes that speak to exactly where you are in your creative business.  All episodes can be listened to here. 

Honestly, start with Episode 12 – her interview with Brené Brown.

If you for some reason don’t love it, don’t dive in further.  But you’re reading my site, so you’ll love that episode.  It’s a capstone episode that really anchors you in the topics and wisdom about to be shared in the rest of the episodes.

The rest of the episodes are in couplets, the first episode is an interview/coaching session with a stumped creative, and the second is a call with one of her insightful, famous friends discussing the themes and struggles presented in the episode, and offering their insight and advice.

If you’re an entrepreneur who dreams of being a writer – or have kids and worry about the guilt attached, start with episodes 1 & 2.

These episodes go into fear, guilt, procrastination and motherhood struggles.   If you’re a creative Earth Frequency, this is a must-listen episode.

Episode two is an incredible conversation with Cheryl Strayed who gives us the brilliant quote ” One of the greatest gifts I’ve given my children an example of a mother who pursues her passion like a motherfucker.”

If you have a boring, soul sucking day job, start with episodes 3 & 4. 

This episode is striking because also everyone feels like they have the most boring job in the world, but this guest really does.  And the advice she receives is INCREDIBLE.  There are literally no excuses, and here they are laid out so lovingly.

Rob Bell is the guest expert who offers top notch insight on how to work towards your dreams without actually changing the logistics of your life, and how to deal with feeling stifled at work.

If you are processing grief and feel traumatized and blocked, start with episodes 5 & 6. 

A songwriter who is creatively blocked due to the trauma and grief of loosing her sister.  I have to be honest, I didn’t listen to these too that closely, because the thought of loosing my sister is one of my deepest fears.  But the advice dispensed is incredible and compassionate.

If your a songwriter or grieving, these episodes will be a balm.

Her guest expert Ann Pachett has different advice than Elizabeth Gilbert does, and they have an incredibly compassionate conversation.

If you hunger to reclaim your creativity and passion, and feel like you don’t have enough time or space in your world for exploration, start with episodes 7 & 8. 

An art teacher realizes she doesn’t have any art in HER life.  It’s a poignant realization and the advice here about how to create space for YOUR passion is on.point.

She talks about treating your creativity like a secret lover, and the metaphor just keeps on giving.

Rayya Elias is her creative friend that lays down some wisdom and truth about making art just for you. 

If you feel like you’re at the top of your game and want to change what game you’re playing.  I.e. leave your success behind for uncharted professional waters, start with episodes 9 & 10.  

A photographer who is at the top of her game, booming business, successful career, and she’s bored.  She wants to start a podcast and very afraid of making that transition.

Elizabeth Gilbert offers this gem “Mastery is boring.” Ooooo {leans in to hear more}.

John Hodgeman is the guest expert here which felt surprising to me, but he and Elizabeth are old friends and his advice about what happens after you become truly successful at something is gold.  The first part of his interview seems like he’s a little him focused, but he settles in and gives some incredible advice.  Required listening for anyone who strives to be truly GREAT at something, as a heads up for what’s a natural extension of that.

If you’re ready for a good cry, listen to episode 11. 

It’s the check in episode (so you will probably only cry if you listen to the lead-ups) and hearing the changes in their worlds, especially the woman with “the most boring job in the world” is incredible and tear-inducing.

If you’re ready for a jolt of inspiration, truth and jaw dropping awe, listen to episode 12.  On repeat.  

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