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May 1, 2012

April showers have definitely brought in the May flowers, and they are more wild and beautiful than ever.   While I love noticing the new flowers on my walks with Huxley, I can’t help reflecting that April brought showers in more ways than the weather.

My April felt blustery.  Unsettled.  Thunderstormy.  Lots of electricity in the atmosphere.  Like when I watched a thunderstorm roll through the Grand Canyon, every moment felt important and timeless.

The May flowers are blooming, but I’m noticing in my life they’re not looking like I thought they would.  Different opportunities have come into my life, and things that seemed like a slam dunk are not no longer in the picture.  I’m still playing with my ‘Better Bus‘ analogy – what gifts did my April thunderstorms bring me that I didn’t expect to see blooming in May? And what else will pop up? It’s fun to think about and play with, and and a great shift in perspective.

With all that energy and change comes a lot of new.  I think it’s part of the reason so many of us get spring fever.  There’s so much new around! Unlocked, untapped potential, and we long to explore it.  People, places, things, everything seems so enticing in the freshness of May.

I challenge you to enjoy it.  To savor the new, and experience the unknowing of whatever is going to happen next.

If that means getting outside more and enjoying natures exuberance, chatting up that cute boy at work, or busting out your cutest Spring dress, do it.  Explore the new, and let go of the ‘what happens next.’

Oh yes, I realize how hard that is.  That’s why you need to do it!  Me too.  This is a huge lesson for me.  If we all work on it together, magic will unlock.

It’s critical that we do this because if we never let go of the ‘what happens next’ attachment, we’re not really present to enjoy and savor the new, the right now, the present.  Be present this Spring, to all the new, abundance and beauty it has to offer.  Trust in it.  Let it nourish and inspire you.  The ‘next’ will take care of itself.

In other spring fever arenas, NPR published this fascinating article on language and relationships.  Language matters, and for a word girl like myself, this comes as a delight.  It can also indicate power dynamics which was fascinating.  I’ve always noticed that the strongest couples that I know have their own language, now here’s some science to back it up.  Check it out, learn from some scientists what to listen for next time you’re on a date.

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