{Client Spotlight} Sara Yamtich, Life Coach

March 8, 2016

My clients are rockstars. Entrepreneurial daredevils ready to invest time and energy into their businesses. 

They are on fire to grow a business that gives them the financial stability and lifestyle they long for. They are in it for the long haul, but are stuck on what to do right now. They understand there’s no such thing as overnight success seven steps to seven figures. They have all the pieces of a business, but it’s not working together and growing in the way they know it could. They are sick of formulas, group programs and cookie cutter approaches to business growth.

They are on their own, deeply personal, custom journey. This brings them to me.

Today we’re talking with Sara Yamtich. She describes herself as “one part healer and one part activator, one part truth-seeker and one part soul-alchemist. I’m the secular priestess of your revolutionary growth spurt. It’s probably easiest if you call me a life coach, but I aim to be so much more.”  She shares in her own words what it was like to work with me, and how her business increased exponentially after working together.

Sara Harrier HQ-3What were you struggling with before you hired me? Specificity is good.

Before working together, I was sort of floundering with the whole vague concept of life coaching. I couldn’t possibly add my voice to the hundreds or thousands of coaches out there who were helping people “achieve their dreams,” “follow their bliss,” or “actualize their potential.” I needed something different, something compelling, something totally authentic to who I am.


And it wasn’t as if I didn’t feel confident about my work. I knew I could make huge impacts once I got a client on the phone! But I didn’t know how to frame my marketing and my work in a way that would attract the right people. (And marketing makes me squirm!) I needed help. I needed Ellen.


What were you hoping to get out of working with me?

Of course I wanted my business to succeed! But most of all, I wanted clarity, creativity, originality, and empowerment to move forward. I wanted someone who was smart and thorough to get inside my head with me and sort through all the clutter, help me pull out the perfect outfit, so to speak. Remind me that my ideas are damn good.
The package I purchased was one that offered exactly what I needed, with some flourishes. I was pumped.


Did I deliver?

Abso-freaking-lutely! I can clearly remember our entire session.


This wasn’t anything like coaching I’d received before. You didn’t just ask me questions and reflect back my answers. Girl has some power in her punch! She called me on my sh*t, built me up and reminded me of my impact, and gave me incredibly clear steps for moving forward. 


By the end of our time together, I had everything you promised – clear packages, beautiful copy for my website, and a marketing plan that felt right. It’s been well over a year since we worked together, and your coaching still has far-reaching impacts on my career!


What did you like most about the process? 

I loved the whole thing, but my favorite part was definitely getting so much one on one time with you. I loved being able to borrow her brilliance, uninterrupted, for such a long time. And I loved how she kept following up with me afterwards, making herself available in all kinds of ways for months thereafter (and even still).

How did ouSara-Harrier-HQ-61r work together impact your confidence/being more YOU in your business?

Hugely. There was something about your confidence in me and my work that really empowered me to step out more courageously. When someone’s got such a strong voice (and one that you can trust, of course), it’s impossible to ignore. When you say, “This is what you do”… you do it. You just do.

And it was natural for me to let all my self-doubt and hesitation fade away.

What were some high impact changes that you made in your business as a result of our working together?

I created and sold higher-dollar packages. I wrote guest blogs that still make the rounds in my client community. I learned to speak about my work with clarity and confidence. There is also a clear evolution in my blogging after working with you. I really solidified my voice and online presence.

That was over a year ago.


Since then, riding the momentum of my work with you, I’ve completely revamped my website to reflect my professionalism and the nature of my coaching work. I’ve honed in on my ideal clients and named them the{r}evolutionaries. I’ve built community. I’ve started hosting incredibly well-attended community calls, where I provide coaching and a safe space for peer support around a variety of topics. Those calls were recorded and are now for sale on my website. I’ve used my brand identity to start branching into additional offerings, like yoga and meditation. And I’m still coaching incredible clients and loving it.

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How many more clients did you book?

It wasn’t just about how many clients I booked – it was the quality of the clients I booked. I was now coaching people who were a perfect fit for my practice. I doubled my client load, and I was more choosy about who I took on. Work became so much more fun.

How much more money did you earn after working together?

My income increased tenfold after working with Ellen. In large part, this was because I finally started charging enough money to be sustainable, and clientstook me and my professionalism more seriously.
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