The Best Graduation Speech Of All Time

June 11, 2013

rsz_wear_sunscreen_colourful_lyricsConfession time.  I love graduation speeches.  LOVE them.  I think the opportunity to address a captive audience about their lives, past present and future sounds amazing.  It is a big dream of mine to be selected as a graduation keynote speaker one day.

My 12 year old cousin graduated high school this weekend.  Well, he’s 18 now, but in my mind, he is 12.  It was a shock to my system that he’s 18, graduated, has a job, and will go off to college this Fall.  However the joy and excitement he had during his graduation, his smile literally exploding off his face made my ‘holy shit I’m old’ freak out totally worth it.  The talk given by his principal was good too – inspiring to the graduates, touching to the families.  I love the tradition of thinking about your accomplishments, and future aspirations.  I think it’s something sorely missing in the ‘grown-up’ world, and wouldn’t it be great if every June, we all took a minute to reflect of the challenges overcame, and the opportunities and joys awaiting us?

And then, the next day, the radio gods heard my prayer.  Originally a newspaper column, set to music by none other than Baz Luhrman, this song ‘goes out to the class of 1999’ – making it a graduation speech in my book.   When I first heard this song/speech I was a High School student, and the thing that stuck most with me was the keynote ‘always wear sunscreen.’

Listening again in my car, a month away from my 30th birthday, the part that stood out to me the most was about friends coming and going.  It’s a totally true part of life that I was just not able to hear at 16.  I know that when I listen to this in another 10 years, other parts will become stand out, hearing the words and advice in new ways.

So to the life class of 2013, of which we are all a part of, I present to you, the best graduation speech ever.  Listen once, listen twice, listen 3 Junes from  now.  Keep the lessons of challenges overcome in your hearts, but let the disappointment go.  These are exciting times, let’s make something good happen.

Which part stood out the most to you? Do you have a favorite graduation speech you listen to over and over again?  I’d love to hear in the comments, or better yet, link them!

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