Sometimes, It Feels Like It Will All Work Out, Right Now

November 8, 2011

I woke up feeling this way.  Infused with a sense of everything is in it’s rightness.  That I am on my path, that the stars are aligned, and it will all Work.Out.  That the illusive, sweet prize we’re all chasing is on my horizon, and one day that contract/income/relationship/conversation/adventure/vacation I’m craving will be mine.  My very own ‘happy ending’.  Forever and ever, end of story.

But that’s not the end of the story.  Life doesn’t end with the sunset, kiss and movie credits.  There’s a tomorrow.  And a day after that.  If I’m lucky, mine is a very long story – I hope yours is too.

So, we chase these things (I’m not the only one, right?) inventing in our heads why life will be better when we have them, and how kinda crappy things are without them.  We’re waiting, and one day, we’ll get the prize and our lives will explode in technicolor.

But that doesn’t explain right now.  Right now, I feel amazing. Check in with yourself, I bet some part of you does too.  I sense my place in the world, in my life, in my community, and I adore it.  It feels intentional and right, and it makes me want to dance around my living room, thrilled to be having this feeling.  Nothing’s really changed. There was no magic kiss at sunset, signifying the ‘happy ending’ – no major developments in the interpersonal or business development world.  All those things I talked about in the first paragraph are still in motion.  I just feel right now, plugged in to purpose, gratitude, and love.

THIS is the working out.  THIS is the Happy <no ending necessary!>.  THIS is the future I’ve been obsessing about, so I damn well better pay attention.  Without (right now, clearly in front of me in recognizable ways)  the big contract/income/relationship/conversation/adventure/vacation that I have been telling myself I need, my life is already in technicolor.  Opps! Guess I don’t really need those things.

I know this will shift.  Another day I’ll wake up feeling desolate.  Like nothing will ever ‘work out’ and that my life is a ridiculous pile of jello.  It’s happened before, I’m sure it will again. (Ask my sister, she’s an expert in talking me through the insecure crazy).  Because I am certain that this will not be how I feel always, I’m writing about it. To harness the power and claim it.  To remind myself of later when I’m crying and making too many jello analogies.

‘Work out’, like ‘happy ending’ – are too sedentary of terms.  I require something more dynamic, and I know you do too.

Working out – it’s working out, right now! Things are happening, life in in motion, all of the whatever-it-is you’re striving towards, is already working out.  Until you cross the ultimate finish line, there’s no done.  There’s no sunset and credits.  It’s all in motion and flow.  And whatever is happening for you now, is part of that.  Your sucky job, the weather, annoying people telling you you can’t – all part of the flow, all helping you, working it out.

I love the river analogy.  Does the river get stopped by rocks in its path? Giant ones? Rockfall quantities?  Nope.  It figures out ways to go around them.  Bouncing off, squeezing through, surging over.  The river keeps flowing, shaped by the rocks, but ultimately the rocks are forgotten when it reaches the ocean.

Be the river.  This is your flow.  How do you handle rocks? What can you learn from them? Let yourself have it all, right now.  THIS is technicolor.  Got better terms or analogies you like to use to explain it? Please share in the comments 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Sometimes, It Feels Like It Will All Work Out, Right Now

  1. I love this so much! You hate to say “stop and smell the roses” but sometimes it is good to remind yourself that your life is fan-freaking-tastic.

  2. I love the river analogy too. On our 1st RV trip Sally and I hiked a trail in Montana which took you to this rushing river. As we sat there watching it I got it more than ever … How there is nothing stopping that water from getting to its end point. Hence my “nothing is gonna f&$kin stop me” mantra! Haha. Love this Ellen. It IS all good. We ARE already here. Every moment IS perfect so let’s celebrate. I still don’t ever need a ‘reason’ to party. Love you!!!

    • Yeah, rivers, uber power. They just GO. It’s their divine, cosmic purpose to make it to hte ocean. That’s the reason. We’re walking ours, and it’s radtastic, you know it girl 🙂

  3. I absolutely love this, Ellen! I often feel the tension between chasing my big dreams–and moving towards them with my eye on some big prize–and relishing the here and now with the gratitude and presence. I’ve reconciled the two by acknowledging that the excitement of the process is what’s making my soul sing–not some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (though I can’t say I’m not looking forward to certain achievements!). I like to celebrate small successes and stick to a gratitude practice — this helps me live joyfully in the present and still feel in motion towards my goals.

    Thanks for a beautiful post!

    • Alexis, glad you loved the post! I can totally relate to balancing the eye towards the pot-of-gold with the learning and enjoyment to the present, is such a big key to all around life success. I love gratitude practices – I’m actually writing a piece on that right now – I’d love to learn more about yours and how it’s positively influenced your life.

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