Overcoming Overwhelm: A Guide To Getting Shit Done

May 21, 2013

So there are about 435 things on my list of things to do – today.  Another 256 for the rest of the week, and 741 coming up in the next few weeks.

I work from home, so often when I sit down to work, I get distracted by the home chores that need doing.  Currently, I’m mid-move, so the domestic chores are weighing heavily on me.  I’ve been in the middle of this move for a while now, so I’ve already taken some time away from working to deal with the more pressing domestic chores.  The question is, how to keep moving when everything needs doing.

If you’re anything like me, when the ‘to-do’ list gets too high, or the closet gets too messy, I shutdown.  I don’t think “wow! What a full to do list, I must leap into action!” I think “Crap.  Nothing is going to get done, might as well stare at the sky.”

So, as I worked myself out of total overwhelm, I thought I’d put together my guide for getting shit DONE.

Do what you WANT
Got something that you can’t stop thinking about? A project so juicy, you just want to implement it TODAY?  Do that.  You’ll just be distracted doing everything else until you get to it, so knock it out first.  This also goes for projects that you can’t stop thinking about in a stressful way.  If it’s stressing you out badly, you should just do it, that will take away it’s power and ease the stress.

Do what will make you money
If you’re a business owner this one is for you – got a new offering to debut? A program to launch? Potential clients to respond to? Make sure you do those things.  You can’t bring home the bacon if you always leave your money making action items until tomorrow.  Make sure part of your day is spent keeping the wheels moving so money can flow.

Do what is super time sensitive
We are, procrastinators at heart.  I have met very few people that do everything as soon as possible.  Time deadlines are there for a reason -to stop us from procrastinating forever.  Make sure things that have to get done get taken care of.

Take 15 minutes to do all the little things
Have to respond to emails? Wash the dishes? Walk your dog? (Or is that just me?) Maybe return a phone call or library book.  Whatever it is, take 15 minutes to just crank out all the small things that can get moved off your plate quickly.  Batching them like this is time efficient and has you less overwhelmed, faster.  AND it will make you feel like a boss for accomplishing so much so quickly.

Be honest
Be honest with your time! If you’re too booked/busy/overwhelmed, be clear with other people so they are not counting on you for what you can’t deliver.  Try to not over-commit, hard as that may be.  Doing less things well is infinitely better than more things worse.

Rock out
Play rocking music.  It sets the tone and get’s you in the mood to be a productive superstar.

Book down time for yourself – we can’t all go go go, we need to relax and recharge, and not stress out about our task lists while we do.  Put some personal R&R time in your calendar during particularly busy times, and then trust that you are working hard enough the rest of the time to let go of the stress and really relax.  Seems counter-intuitive to take time off mid-hectic-bonanza, but really, you need to recharge your batteries, so when you are on full blast, it’s extra important to recharge yourself. 

Talking to people and feeling supported are also keys to success.  How do you take care of business? Any task mastering tips or tricks you want to share? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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7 thoughts on “Overcoming Overwhelm: A Guide To Getting Shit Done

  1. LOVE your site! Just landed here today and your header made me smile. I love giraffes!!!! (And, your content is awesome, too).

    This weekend I was super overwhelmed with things I had to do. And, I’ve learned a few things that have helped: 1.) Take some time to step away if it isn’t working! and 2.) Ask for help. These have made a huge difference.

    Thanks for sharing your tips. I’m headed over to turn some rockin’ music on right now!!

    • Woohoo! So glad to hear that. Rockin’ music ALWAYS helps things move along faster. Glad to connect with another giraffe enthusiast! Thanks for stopping by Jennifer xo

  2. This popped up in my feed as I was scrolling through FB ignoring my huge list of stuff that needs to be done. Thanks for the reminder. Time to check some stuff off the list while listening to music–starting with the custom orders that are piling up 🙂

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