Untangle Your Money Story

You have money shit.EllenFabulous074

Ouch right?

It’s ok, at some point, we all do.

Right now you have tried All The Things and money isn’t coming in,
or when it does it goes right back out.

Sound familiar?

Yep, I know this place.

It totally sucks.

That’s because money is more than just paper or numbers in your back account.

It’s stories you tell yourself, and patterns you’ve built up, and a hundred twisted and tangled spots all locked up inside of you when you think: I want to make money.

It’s guilt and shame and desire and doubt and fear and anxiety and judgement and worry.


Let me show you the tools that I have that skip over all the stories, reasons, excuses and things your head has to say.

Let me jump right to those tangled up cords that are making it hard for the money to flow or to stay.

My Money Clearing with Ellen allowed me to relax, look deep into my heart, and see not only the physical clearing that I’ve been needing for my money “stuff,” but see what was next. The possibility.  Who I would need to BE for myself to relax and create that breakthrough.  Ellen, thank you so much for this gift. It’s a life changer. Thank you for connecting with me and giving me the own keys to my car.” – Laura Westman

Here’s what will happen

I do a money clearing for you.  It’s like a distance reiki session (maybe you’ve heard of that), this will be focused directly on any of the blocks sitting between you and your money.

It’s not rational, it’s not logical, it’s energetic.

While I’m at it I pull a few other goodies of my tool box to see if we can get some explanations or homework suggestions just for you – this way the movement I get started with the energy work can keep building momentum and get some real flow going over the next few months.

I’m going to give you some specific, personally customized information that will help, encourage and empower you.  You’re going to walk away from this with not just the untangling work done, but some clear, specific action steps, inquires and forecasts.  All customized to you and what’s going on with your money.

sassy she cards 2

“Ellen’s money clearing had a huge impact on my finances, sense of well being and peace of mind. She intuitively honed right in on what has been blocking my money flow since I started my business over three years ago. Ellen eloquently shared her findings in a heartfelt way that brought tears to my eyes because it was SO RIGHT ON. It was like she read right into the negative voices in my head and pinpointed how they were holding me back.” – Devon Combs

Would you like to super charge your clearing? Bundle it with a custom Frequency Analysis 

I have a lot of business owners reach out to me that are deeply blocked and stuck in their business, craving insight and movement but not ready for the Empire Builder Sessions – this is the best way I can support you in releasing your money blocks, finding deep clarity, and understanding what’s been holding you back from movement and growth in your business.

Frequency Analysis cuts to the heart of your YOUNESS, helps us understand your innate strengths and challenges, as well as the energy surrounding your year.  It helps make this releasing work even more personal and specific, giving you new ways to understand yourself and harness your gifts for business growth.

What happens next

You hit buy now and my assistant Lizzie will be in touch (via the email address associated with your paypal account) to pick your week to do the clearing, as well as provide you with a short intake form so I can learn more about you.

You should know

What I’ve noticed is once you hit pay and say yes to the clearing, it starts working.  One time a client booked one, and within 4 hours she’d sold as much of her product that she normally does in a month! She wrote to me to ask if I’d already done the clearing, and in fact, I hadn’t. This happens because this work is about plugging into your core and NOT about what I DO. I’m here to facilitate, but you’re going to rock this out in ways you could never imagine.

Untangle Your Money Story, $175


What the clearing did is show me the world when I was stuck only seeing what was in my backyard.  I really do feel so supported, not just by you, but by the entire universe.  Thank you so much for that.”  Meredith Rivers

Not even three days after Ellen did my clearing, I had two money things come in – a money making opportunity and someone booked/paid my top rate for a session with me!

Also  I really like her coaching approach to the feedback/reading. So many of the things she brought up in her reading were SPOT ON! Made me realize I need to take care of myself and my energy even more so! In short, Ellen’s clearing definitely got stuff moving … some powerful stuff for sure!”  Natalie Vartanian

The next day, I got a check in the mail from some random delayed bonus from my old job.  

This is a really neat experience, and way different from what I was expecting. That made me really happy, and connected with me on an unconscious level I’m still processing.  Thank you for your love, your energy, and your attention. I’ll take your notes and do my homework!” Author Boyce
“I just wanted to let you know that your money clearing is working…I revisited my finances/savings again today and I still can’t explain how or why but I have more than I thought I have (substantially more). Maybe I miscalculated something last month or maybe its pure magic 🙂 In any case, keep doing what you are doing as I’m sure many can benefit. You for sure cleared some blocks for me.” Varelie Croes
Since Ellen’s money clearing, income has shown up to me in the most unique ways and shockingly effortlessly, which has been an unexpected surprise! It was like the income was there all along but it was blocked in getting to me until Ellen helped me open the doors to receive and ALLOW the income to flow my way. Her guidance and intuition are invaluable and I can’t recommend her money clearing offering highly enough. She will help you bust right through your blocks that are in and out of your awareness…your bank account and business will thank you!” Devon Combs
“The Money Clearing was just the beginning. I work in transformational training and coaching, and the secret, scary area of my life that I had been unwilling to look at for a long time was money. I knew it was in my way, but I didn’t realize the depths of shame and upset that were in there.  I had so much shame, fear, and was feeling undeserving that I have been sabotaging myself with money for my entire adult life.  Nobody else could possibly handle it, it was too much.


I found Ellen totally by accident. I needed to interview someone on my radio show about money. What she shared with my audience totally spoke to me, called to my heart, and made me feel safe.


I realized that, as Rumi said, I have been breaking into my own house to steal my own vegetables.  My Money Clearing with Ellen allowed me to relax, look deep into my heart, and see not only the physical clearing that I’ve been for my money “stuff,” but see what was next. The possibility.  Who I would need to BE for myself to relax and create that breakthrough. 


This experience was like sliding slowly into a hot tub after a long day. It felt like coming home. Things aren’t perfect yet, but I have respect for myself, clarity, intention, and I’m able to care for myself when I want to sabotage.


Ellen, thank you so much for this gift. It’s a life changer. Thank you for connecting with me and giving me the own keys to my car.” – Laura Westman
“She did one for me and then two days later my retreat sold out!! It’s seriously magical and amazing!!!! I’m gonna recommend it to EVERYONE.  Working with Ellen is like a one-two punch.  She is incredibly business savvy, smart and aware, but she also has an insanely sharp intuitive side that tends to cut everything to bone so you can figure out what is REALLY stopping you from the business and money you want. Then..she clears it all up (through her coaching and clearing sessions) so you can get to rocking.” – Sally Hope

“I love love love this Ellen!
Thank you for the beautiful clearing reading and guidance!

You are so on point.
Thank you so much!” – Rhavie Masiglat

Your reading propelled me to a new understanding.  Having this realization gave me the ability to let go of an previously unknown portion of my past and I am extremely thankful.” – Wendy Martens


Will we be on the phone when this happens?
Nope! I tap into your energy and you go about your day, it’s akin to a remote reiki session.

Can I feel it when you do the money clearing?
This depends on how energetically sensitive you are.  Generally if you don’t self-identify as energetically sensitive, you won’t notice when I’m clearing for you.  But you will likely notice the after effects and changes that flow as a result.

Do I need to set an intention with this?
Nope, the money clearing as a practice clears what needs to be cleared around you and your money – meaning it knows, and you don’t need to be in the drivers seat.   These clearings are super supportive to work you’ve been doing – so if you have a strong money mantra, or abundance practice, or intentions around money, these tend to boost and supercharge those.

Do I need to do anything different during the week of the clearing?
Nope! Go about your business as normal, just expect an email from me.

Can you guarantee specific results?
There can never be any guarantees with energy work, but I will tell you that they tend to unstick and unblock what is blocking us to let money flow in interesting, powerful ways.

What if I don’t like the results, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately no.  This is deep work and once it’s done it’s done, so only click buy when you’re ready. I will say that the few clients that haven’t been immediately blown away have all written to me months later saying “ok….I get it now.”  So sometimes these things take time to click.

Money Clearing $175.



They are the perfect thing to do to get at all the crap that is keeping you blocked and stuck when nothing else is working.

Because there’s only so much DOING we can do, sometimes it’s a BEING thing, and we can all use a little help sometimes.