Personal Frequency Analysis + Yearly Forecast

There are five elemental frequencies that everyone is attuned to:
water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

Understanding your unique frequency blend can make a world of difference in your business growth, and life in general.

What I love about this very ancient system (the same one acupuncture is based on, neat!) is that there’s a frequency for three unique parts of your life, and for each year.

We know on some level that each year feels a bit different, but your frequency analysis can tell you why some years feel like a breathless rush to the finish line, while others feel tremendously slow.

These years change in early February.  They shift like the tide, not a light switch, so it’s likely you’ve already been feeling the bumpy effects of the transition.

There is a frequency associated with who you are out in the world in a general sense (like, what bar of chocolate are you? Milk, dark, mint? All chocolate but with different impacts), a frequency associated with your personal relationships (what kind of fruit is in the chocolate bar?) – because we know we’re not the same with our partners as we are out in the rest of the world, and a frequency for your work needs and talents.

I find that often when our general frequencies are different than our work frequencies, we feel like we’re fighting against ourselves, and things move frustratingly slow.

Or if your frequency is one that’s different from the “go go go!” of western culture, it’s hard to not always feel like you’re missing something or doing something wrong.

I also find that once you understand the energy of your year, and where you are in a 9 year cycle that takes you from dreaming about the future to completing some big cycles and projects nine years later, it becomes easier to relax into the flow of your life.

Understanding your unique frequency blend helps calm those inner voices, lets the external pressures melt away, and gives you a sense of grounded confidence in who you are, and who you’re not.  It enables you focus on harnessing your strengths, and stop engaging so much with what’s not good for you.  Understanding your energetic year ahead helps you plan for it, instead of being knocked over by it.

Head shot gray dress“Within 24 hours of my session I’m already noticing the benefits of my Frequency Analysis with Ellen!

I have a tendency to put a ton of pressure on myself both personally and professionally, but since talking with Ellen, I’m using her suggestions and teachings to settle into my innate power…without pushing or stressing.

She gave me a much deeper understanding of why I function the way I do in my life and business and how to use it as an advantage instead of letting it drain me.” – Cailen Ascher, Clarity Coach

Realizing that energy of the year you’re headed into is changing, can help you go from struggling to striving.  It enables you to plan to use the energy to support your business growth, instead of staying stuck, wondering why old techniques aren’t working anymore.

You’ll get a customizable Frequency Calendar, so you can track and continue using these insights long after we’ve wrapped up our work together.  After our time together, you’ll receive a recording of the call, plus a free Money Making Masterclass for your primary Frequency.

Would you like to super charge your reading? Bundle it with a Money Clearing. 

I have a lot of business owners reach out to me that are deeply blocked and stuck in their business, craving insight and movement but not ready for the Empire Builder Sessions – a Money Clearing in addition to the personal Frequency Analysis is best way I can support you in releasing your money blocks, finding deep clarity, and understanding what’s been holding you back from movement and growth in your business.

Purchase a Frequency Reading + Money Clearing, $450


Personal Frequency Analysis $300


Once you buy yours, my assistant Lizzie will be in touch with a short intake form and my scheduler to book our hour together.  I work over a conference call line and Skype – so wherever you are in the world, we can connect.