Look for the helpers, be a helper. The Mr. Rogers Approach To Dealing With Terrible Events.

April 16, 2013

Things feel very unsettled.  There’s a windstorm outside my house, which is freaking out my dog and making him bark at everything.  There are sirens in my neighborhood, a train whistle screaming in the distance, and horrific images of carnage and destruction coming out of Boston.

The unease and fear that we are feeling seems to be reflected outside my window today.  I have never been to Boston, but I know some wonderful people from there.  It’s my understanding that Boston is a place full of badasses.  Tough people, who deeply love their town.  That something so violent could happen in Boston, to Boston, feels like a huge shock.

Listening to the wind and sirens outside my window from the safety of California, my facebook and twitter feeds have been flooded with ways to help.  Calls for prayers, love and hugs.  Links to donate blood, money and time have sprung up.  It’s inspirational and hopeful way of dealing with a horrific, bloody event.  I was reminded of this Mr. Rodgers quote.

There are so many helpers already standing up to help, and it’s going to take more.   There’s always a need for more love in the world.  More support, more hands, more hugs.  Even if your personal community was untouched by this round of violence, we live in a world of uncertainty. You do not know when the next bad or scary thing is going to happen to you or someone you love.   We can’t predict the future, but we can support each other now.

Love your loved ones now.  Don’t wait for bad things to happen to express your feelings.   Hug people, send notes, bring home tokens of affection.   Express yourself, and your appreciation for others.

If you’re already doing this take your gift and joy and volunteer at a library or at a senior center.

Bring your joy and love into as many peoples lives as possible.  Because we all need it, not just when the bad stuff happens.  So be proactive, start helping before the bad stuff starts, and maybe it’ll make the bad stuff a little easier to deal with.

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