Get A Grip On Your Sanity (Before The Holidays Hit)

November 22, 2011

Oh my goodness, it’s The Holidays again.  First of all, WHY are we listening to Santa music before Thanksgiving? And being subjected to Santa adds on TV.  It’s too soon Corporate America.  Didn’t you get the memo? Unless, are you going to give us all the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas off? To laze about and revel in how we’re done with our shopping early?  Oh you’re not? Then please stop with the pre-Turkey Day Santas.

Sorry.  Rant over.  What this does point to though, is that The Holidays can bring out the nutty.  The crazy. The psychotic.  The if-I-don’t-park-my-car-this-instant-I-am-going-to ram-a-pedestrian-sorry-grandma instability.  We’ve all been there, right?  If you, like me, struggle with Holiday Cheer, this post should be of service. Let’s make this year different (hint: avoid busy parking lots).  Would that I could give up driving for the month of December, I cannot.  Instead, here’s what I’m going to do.  Let’s do it together.

Pamper yourself.
Yep.  I am going to use a percentage of my present-buying-moolah on myself.  I am going to invest it in my mental and physical health.  A massage apt, pedicure, afternoon trip to the movies.  Treat yourself!

Make a schedule
The Holidays get busy.  There are a lot of people to see, parties to crash, and parking lots to maneuver.  Keep track of what you say yes to, so you know when it’s time to say no.  Seriously.  Do it.  I get overwhelmed just thinking about December, so I don’t open my December calendar until it’s too late, and then I’m double booked for parties and overwhelmed by the cheer.  This is a personal plea.  Use your schedule.  If you know when the crazy times are, you can create pampering buffers in-between events.

Warm your heart
What warms your heart? Love, Actually? Puppies? Seeing old friends? Spending time with your grandparents? (Please avoid parking lots) Something must warm your icicle of a heart – connect with what that is and make time to do it (see above schedule).  It’s hard to be too cranky when you’re volunteering with the puppies.

Ask yourself why
What about this time of year overwhelms you? Makes you sad? Extra cranky? There’s likely some root cause under there.  Spend some time with it.  Honor it, and let it go.  Until we’re honest (me too folks, I’ve got some root causes, believe you me) with what makes us crazy, we can’t fully grip sanity.

So, that’s my plan, I’ll let you know how it went sometime in January.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about The Holidays, and how you plan to keep your grip on sanity during this time of year.  Shout out in the comments section!

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