Helping creative online entrepreneurs revolutionize their businesses + make more money, fast.

Welcome!  I’m Ellen, I believe that making money can be easy and fun.  It’s my mission to help all you creative online business owners make more money.  Because money can be a key to freedom, and you deserve to be free.

Imagine a day when you are making more money.  Imagine feeling so relaxed.  Imagine buying better, cuter, higher quality shoes for yourself.  Imagine sleeping more soundly at night.  Imagine fighting less with your partner about when this “hobby” is going to bring in the bacon.  Because you’ll be serving up a ham dinner.

A whole other level of power and possibility and freedom is unlocked within you, because you have more time, space and resources to devote to making your life incredible.

I am the queen of helping you synthesize and re-structure your ideas and business to stand out from the crowd, make more money and make your big dreams a reality.

I believe it takes one on one personalized attention to help your business fly farther, faster.  You’re creative.  And you’re READY.  You just need an extra dose of strategy and business ninja skills to really launch your business (and life!) into the stratosphere.

You want to change the world, and empower other people to be their best and do their best.  You likely got into business because you were driven to be of service to other people and make a real difference in the world.  I believe you deserve to be well paid, for your gifts, time and talent.  I want to help you build your business so it works for you, instead of you being a slave to it.

I work with you to develop your expertise and create offerings that fly off the shelves, create systematized, sustainable businesses, and help you make more money.   If your business isn’t growing as fast as you would like it to, I can help.

Here’s what you need to know about working together!

I specialize in helping you understand how all aspects of your life can work together, to rock your business faster. 

I believe that we are all experts in our own unique life experiences.  Often it takes an outside eye to string together the parts of our lives we take for granted.   Once you are aware of your unique expertise, you’re able to change the world, and your life, much more quickly, which is the secret to making money fast.

I believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ module for building a business.  I love gaining a deep understanding of my clients whole lives, to help them build and grow a business that fits their life like a glove.  One on one work is the fastest way to grow your business and start bringing in the money you know you deserve.

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I’m based in the San Francisco Bay Area but work with clients all over the world (thanks Skype!).  While California is my homeland, I love to roam South America and beyond. Google+


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