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Do you long to stand out from the crowd – to separate yourself from a sea of similar service providers?

Feeling overwhelmed but unsure where to start to make your business feel like you + not some cookie cutter, follow the “rules” business?


Be Yourself, a guide to putting more YOU in your business, regardless of your meyers briggs.

What makes someone want to hire you over all of the other similarly titled folks out there, is YOU. Your quirks, your sass, your opinions about your industry and the world.

The more YOU can you put into your business, the easier it is for people to not only know, like and trust you, but straight up fall in love with you and thus, your services.

I hear a lot of “but I’m an introvert!” as an excuse to not put yourself out there online.  To which I say, AWESOME!  Tell people that.  Share your story, in a unique-to-you way.

Get the free training to walk you through a personalized way to add more YOU to your business.

A video + funsheet await you!