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By now you’ve already seen the many benefits of harnessing your Frequency to make your business work for you. You’ve got the fundamentals, so let’s work together to put them all together. Wondering how to make all of this work for your bottom line?
Read on, friend.


Understanding your Metal Frequency is step one of creating a really strong, sustainable business. Need to download the guide for a refresher? Click here.


Step two is learning how to customize your business and stand out, with your unique-to-you brand and offerings.

Watch for three things you can do right now to harness your Metal Frequency and make more money in your business. Frequency Journey Preview Buy Now - $128


Get access to a comprehensive guide and lessons that walk you through exactly what you need to to know to harness your frequency, make more money, and stop stressing out over the little things. All this plus some added celebrity entrepreneur profiles and a do’s + don’ts list.

5 action oriented chapters detailing exactly how to:

  • Set yourself up for success
  • Develop the structure + tools for business success
  • Shine bright + attract your ideal clients
  • Showcase your superpowers
  • Move through your money blocks

Personality assessment meets red hot business strategy, this Masterclass is designed to help you tailor your business to your unique, metalic self.  Finally enabling you to do your best work without being caught up in the ‘shoulds’ of the business building vortex.

When you’re deeply grounded into who you are and how you work, all those decisions become simple and clear, freeing you up to do your best work with your clients.

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Frequency Journey Preview


Ellen's insight into information about who I am as a Metal and what I can do with it has helped shape my mindset, my days, and increased my revenue

Before this work I felt like I was my own bottleneck. I second guessed everything I did because most of it didn't feel true to my gut. Now I can stand in my real power and make the money I know I'm worth.Val Geisler, Client Experience + Systems Strategist