Water Frequency Business Profile: Parrish Wilson

February 10, 2016

Parrish Wilson Parrish Wilson is a Writing Coach and Editor for solopreneurs ready to share their wisdom and brilliance so that they may inspire others to flourish.

She believes in writing from the heart and has developed a signature process to help business owners do just that.

Parrish is a Water Frequency, and she’s invited us in for a behind the scenes look at how understanding and harnessing this has impacted her bottom line, schedule and services.

Tell us a little bit about your business, how do you primarily make your money?

Through a combination of small group, online workshops, and 1:1 work. Most people start working with me through one of the workshops and then move into a bigger 1:1 partnership.

Water Frequency business owners often need a lot of time to float and just be with themselves.  How do you deal with needing time to ‘float’ and meet external deadlines?

I am getting better at it, carving out time in my schedule to do nothing. A big part of being in business for myself is the control I can have over my time and deadlines so I use this to make more space in my week. Before I learned to do this though I was always struggling and feeling stressed.

How have you created schedule that allows you time to float and go deep, while still moving your business forward?

It comes down to knowing exactly how many workshops I need to run and how many 1:1 clients I need to have to meet my money goals. Once I know what my money goal is, I can carve out those times, add in the business planning and strategizing and see what I have left as open time to “float”. If that doesn’t feel like enough time, I know I need to reexamine my priorities that month, look for another system or bring in more support.

I notice Water Frequencies can rotate between feeling frozen and feeling in flow.hen you feel like you’re “frozen” how do you thaw out and get back to a place of flow?

I do yoga. Or just sit on my mat. I take the time to step away from my computer and be with myself instead of being distracted by everything available online. I might take some time to write with a pen and paper, on my couch, curled up with a cup of tea. I find that’s a great way to get my creative juices flowing again.

Water Frequency business owners tend to need strong containers and boundaries in their business, what tools can you not live without that help you create strong systems, containers and boundaries?

Acuity. Seriously. Having my schedule make sense and sync to my calendar is absolutely key to my success as a business owner. Other loves include Google for Work, ConvertKit and Asana.

Finally, how did understanding your Water Frequency impact your business actions and growth?

I finally learned that all that free time I so desperately craved wasn’t resistance or procrastination but essential to my success. That changed how I looked at my days, I stopped judging myself for not doing enough. I became more productive when I was working. I have better ideas and feel so much more ease in my business. It was one of the biggest life changers for me, my business and my life.

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