TSW crew

Hello wonder!

I am so glad you’re here.  You’re someone who has worked with Megan and she’s wonderful.  In fact, she’s a big reason I’ve stepped up and into this work in the world.

I’ve been studying 9 Star Ki for years now, and have adapted it to work with business owners to specifically help them grow their businesses.  I’m calling it Frequency, because I wanted to differentiate my work a bit, and make it clear that it’s my interpretation and application of this ancient wisdom.

To that end, you’ll see a few small differences here, mostly with what I call things.  Yin Earth is Fertile Earth, Yang Wood had turned into Beanstalk, and 5 Earth has become Empress, which is perfect, no?

Here are two documents I’ve created that help my clients understand, track, and harness their Frequencies for business growth. I know what you’re thinking — finally! A calendar!

You’re getting access to these because you are a Megan person and I believe will know how to use these, and get tremendous value from them.  However please do not share or repurpose them or the content without my permission. 

Overview of the Frequencies, Frequency chart, simple calendar. 

Detailed calendar — including themes for the months/years, tools for success and things to watch out for.

As you know, the years and months are cyclical, so if you know what year and month you are in, you can track your cycles and use the monthly and yearly energies to your advantage. Win!

If you’d like a deeper dive and action oriented steps on how exactly to apply your Frequency (strongest element) to your business growth, I have Frequency based Money Making Masterclasses.  You can get the details below, just click the one that corresponds to your element.

Water  Wood  Fire  Earth  Metal 

If you’d like a personalized deeper dive, I do a la carte Frequency analysis, which generally are used for business growth, but have been used for relationship insight, family dynamics, and making life choices.  If you’d like one, you can book that here.

Lastly, if you’ve been wanting to work in depth with a business strategist who gets the energy, woo, spiritual side of you, and can help you develop rock solid marketing, messaging, services and a business strategy for growth, I’m your girl.