Learn To Surf The Bschool Sales Cycle, Not Get Caught In A Riptide

February 19, 2015

Today’s excellent marketing can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s no secret we’re in Bschool season, and that means dozens of very famous names talking about how you totally need Bschool to change your life in all these shiny and exciting ways.

There’s an incredible affiliate program, complete with top-seller competition, so everyone is amply motivated to say nice things about it. They seem to really believe in the program, but it’s impossible to talk about the Bschool marketing machine without also mentioning the payout.

I think Marie has done an incredible job rallying the troops and creating a well run affiliate program.  Honestly, it seems like at this point, she could cut the affiliate program and keep her money since her reach seems real deep.  But that’s just my hit on it, we haven’t talked or anything 🙂

I enrolled in Bschool the first time I saw it promoted.  Through one post on facebook, ONE I clicked through and signed up – doesn’t that seem quaint now?!  I didn’t know who Marie Forleo was at that point and had never seen an online class laid out like that.  But I was months away from leaving my full time job, and it seemed like the right skill set to develop as I pursued being my own boss.

This year, there are dozens of really comprehensive trainings to help you develop your online business skills.   It seems positively historic to think about only seeing one fb post for Bschool. Today, there are legions of very smart, very talented people affiliating bschool (myself included) and they are brining their A-game.  Even if you’ve already paid for the program, you’re being swamped with marketing for it.

So here’s how to ride the Bschool wave. Enjoy it, learn from it, but don’t get caught in the riptide of it.  Ultimately, YOU decide how to spend your money, and you need to make the best decision for you and your business.  

1) Soak up the a-game marketing!  SO many people out there are hosting live calls, trainings, virtual events.  It’s a great time to take advantage of all their free stuff!

2) Realize that every time you give someone your email, it’s for marketing purposes.  Yes sometimes it comes wrapped in inspiration or information, but ultimately, they want to sell you something.  And that’s OK because YOU decide what you actually buy or not.   Let them woo you, just remember, you’re still the decider.

3) If you are considering enrolling in Bschool this year, go bonus shopping.  See what other people are offering to support you through the process.  I love this addition to the affiliate machine, and wish I had gotten some extra oomph when I was going through it.  Make sure you get what you need, the things that are going to move you forward.

For my money, it’s some combination of high touch one on one work or community support.  For a lot of people another self-study program will get lost in the mix.

4) Tune out.  It’s easier than ever to unsubscribe from the affiliate emails, or ignore them.  You don’t have to be SO involved in everything that happens everywhere to everyone.  It’s ok to selectively pay attention.

5) Tune IN.  What does YOUR business need right now?  Where do you need to focus your energy and money.  Maybe it’s a big class on marketing and business development.  Maybe it’s community.  Maybe it’s one on one support.  Maybe it’s a trip to New Mexico to finally finish your book.  Only YOU know the answer to that question.

6) What can you learn from all this marketing? There are some really slick campaigns happening now, what can you learn from them and implement in your own business?

So enjoy the wave of top-notch marketing.  See what you can learn, and what you can ignore.  Make the best decision for YOU – no one is reaching in your wallet and stealing your money, you get to decide where you invest it.

There’s always something to be learned from watching well funded, top notch launch campaigns, what can you learn and apply to your business?

Put more you in your business

(regardless of your myers-brigg)

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