Stop Being a Guest Star on Your Own Show

October 6, 2014

One of my favorite pop culture terms is ‘starring vehicle’.  It’s often used with derision to describe a movie or tv show that’s being developed specifically to showcase an actor as a star. 

Like somehow being intentional with the fact that they want to showcase their specific talents and strengths as an actor undercuts the ‘art’ of it all.  That creating a role, tv show or movie specifically for them is somehow cheating, or not working hard enough.

Which is crazy to me.

Why would you want to keep taking roles and appearances that don’t let you showcase your chops?  Why should you be judged for forming strategic partnerships that might enable you to grow your career faster? 

To me, this maps perfectly to the experience of an online business owner.  We feel like there’s a certain route we need to take, a well worn trail we all must follow, dues to pay, to build our businesses.  We feel guilty and like we’re not good enough or deserving enough for our own starring vehicle, that those are for other people, while we flail and toil.  Or that maybe we will be ready for our own starring vehicle, in the future, when we’ve already checked all the boxes off our list.  You know, have the perfect website, have tons of money in the bank, a book deal and a TED talk.

Why on earth would you keep taking guest staring roles, or supportive best friend roles, when you could have your own starring vehicle?

I’ve got news for you, for anyone who is creating their own business, you have the capacity to create your starring vehicle NOW.  No more supporting roles for you my friend!

You are beautifully, the producer, director, writer and visionary of your own starring vehicle.   Congratulations!  Most people wait a lifetime to be gifted that opportunity, and you are grabbing it NOW.  


What does this mean for your business?

EEditchIt means stop doing what you see working for other people.  It means ditch the blanket ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ of business building, to build yourself something strong and lasting, that showcases your brilliance.

If you love working with your clients one on one, you do NOT need a group program!  If you hate info packed PDF’s, make your opt-in something that lets you SHINE.  You can create your services to be powerful ways that you support your clients, it does not have to be open ended, ongoing work, or 10 sessions, or 6 months.   Unless that’s what you LOVE to do, in which case, get it.

Because when YOU are shining and have stepped into your power and strength as a writer/healer/coach/visionary/designer – your clients are invited to do the same in their own lives.  

A three hour strategy session sounds BANANAS to most of my peers and friends, but it is absolutely how I work best.  It lets me shine, and it lets my clients stretch and grow in new, powerful ways.

You want to be a star, so let’s stop pretending like developing a starring vehicle for yourself and your business is something you need to put off.  That you need to wallow and languish in guest-star status.  No more supportive best-friending for your business, it’s time to step out and step up, and create a custom tailored, starring vehicle for your business.

I’ve been cooking up some VERY exciting things to help you do just that, because I want that for you. Bad.


Put more you in your business

(regardless of your myers-brigg)

2 thoughts on “Stop Being a Guest Star on Your Own Show

  1. Love this post! I’ve been “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” for ages. I’m just starting to break out of my shell. It’s kind of scary but I want to make it happen more than I’m afraid.

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