No One Is Paying Any Attention To You (Horray!)

March 12, 2015

Do you find yourself holding back from making changes or updating your business because you think everyone will judge you for it?  I’m talking about my bandgeek days (tuba!) and sharing why no one paying attention to you is great for your business.

I’d love to hear what changes or updates this inspires you to make – share in the comments below.  Remember, the only ones paying that close of attention are rooting for your success!

Put more you in your business

(regardless of your myers-brigg)

10 thoughts on “No One Is Paying Any Attention To You (Horray!)

  1. Love this Ellen. I suffer from this ‘judgement’ thing big time. I don’t make the changes because I feel people will think I am a flake (and that I do too!). This inspires me to change what I believe I want to rather than be shackled with the same old, same old. Cheers! Tina

    • Yes! We totally project those voices in our head, and they’re rarely right. What if you walked around expecting everyone to celebrate how courageous you’re being? To your evolution and success! xx

  2. Awesome, Ellen! Yet another message I’ve come across recently to “just play” (…like no one’s watching ;D).

    I’ve been hit with A LOT of inspiration and realizations recently…Soon after I dropped facials from my offers (this past summer) to focus on the intuitive work, I’m now recognizing how much I enjoy skincare advising. {Let me get you on a good routine at home, and you’ve made my day!}

    I’m fleshing out the details as I bring all-natural beauty back in the fold…alongside my intuitive offerings… This is where I get to play. 😉

    • YES! Play, evolve, grow! Sometimes it really does take absence to make the heart grow fonder, and to have a renewed sense of connection to your work in all it’s facets. I think it’s wonderful you’re bringing skincare back! I’m so excited to see how this evolves and grows for you!

      • {quick little update}… Wow, just 5 days after I commented on your blog, I played again, revealing another aspect of my business… I brought in customized, personalized jewelry. Who-the-what?!? And I’ve had SO much fun!

        My realization: It’s not just about skincare, it’s not just about angel readings + healings… My work is about connecting women to their beauty + power. <3 This is what comes from playing and following your gut.

  3. Wow, Ellen. I love your blog posts. They’re always so inspirational. I’ve never seen you in video before. Now that I have, I want to see more vlogs from you. You’re so warm and down to earth on camera.

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