Metal Frequency Business Profile: Val Geisler

February 9, 2016

Val Geisler verticalVal Geisler is a Client Experience and Systems Strategist with a passion for digital entrepreneurs. After over a decade behind the scenes of everything from non-profits to multi-six-figure businesses, Val has the innate ability to think big picture and minute details at the exact same time.

While this skill is most often found in soaring bald eagles, Val puts it to work here on the ground with her clients as she crafts truly unique customer experiences that stand out.

She’s also a Metal Frequency, and while I regularly use eagles to explain the duality of Metal vision — the innate ability to see the big picture and small details simultaneously, the use of that metaphor in her bio is entirely her own.

She’s invited us in for a behind the scenes look at how understanding her Metal Frequency has impacted her bottom line.

Tell us a bit about your business – how do you primarily make your money?

I run an online business consulting with entrepreneurs on their back end operations, team growth, and processes inside their businesses. I make money through 1×1 coaching, consulting on contract, and with my writing.

Metals can tip towards anxious, how do you deal with the stress of running your own business?

Yoga and wine (and coffee), while those certainly play a role, what I’m really saying is that I take time away from my business to re-center myself. I go to yoga class, I have date night with my husband and wine with my girlfriends. I spend face-to-face time with my friends and colleagues over a cup of coffee. Getting “out of the building” helps me gain perspective and slow down a bit. I can always problem solve better once I’ve stepped away so I can see the big picture.

How do you keep moving when you feel caught between your big picture vision of what’s possible, and the reality in front of you?

I make a plan. I’m a Metal Frequency, so planning comes naturally to me. I also tend to think in shorter term action plans that are aimed at the big picture vision.  The world moves at such a fast pace. I’ve been in business for less than 4 years and there is absolutely no way I could have predicted where I am currently even just a year ago. So I tend to think in short-term “big vision” and then set a plan moving backward from there. If I want to double my revenue in the next 6 months, what needs to happen in order to support that? I work from there and can always see the next step along the path.

How do you deal when you feel like your perfectionism is running the show?

I lean on my mastermind buddies. It’s so important to surround yourself with a trusted group of people who can support you and help you grow. My mastermind is full of like-minded women who can help me get out of my own way and “just ship it”, as they say. When it’s just me and my laptop I get insular. I’m so grateful for that group to keep me grounded and pushing forward.

How have you tailored your business to showcase your unique skill-set?

I really think my business created itself and I’ve just followed. I’ve always done the things that come easiest to me and that other people are always asking me for. If it doesn’t feel good, I don’t do it (or I do it once and then never again). By following the path my business is deciding instead of forcing it to do something I dictate, I’m almost always showcasing my unique skill-set and having so much fun doing it.

How did understanding your Metal Frequency impact your business actions and growth?

Having my own customized Do’s and Don’ts has been so key. Like knowing that I should get into action whenever I start worrying has saved me from myself so many times. And also knowing that my high expectations are just a part of who I am and there’s no need to try to change it. I’ve learned to capitalize on my inherent nature and see the good in it instead of trying to make it something else. I’m more in tune with what works for me and am able to leave the rest behind, and that’s so freeing.

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