Just for Clients

Hey there Money Maker!

Our initial work may be over, but there are a variety of ways to continue our work together.

Why different options? Well, you know me. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to business. I want to continue to support you as best I can over the coming months, in a way that works best for you.

Choose which option is best for you!

1. Business Accountability + Consistency Program:

Quarterly, two hour strategy sessions, to start each quarter off strong, game planned, and to incorporate the wins and challenges of the last quarter.  We meet 4 times over a year together, to keep you on track and focused, moving consistently towards your big goal.

It’s easy to go hard at your goals for a month, maybe two.  Then as you get traction and get more money and have less time to market and work on your business, it becomes easy to slack off and coast.

Working together quarterly will keep you motivated and focused, without getting overwhelmed by the enormity of your dreams + vision.

This is a one year coaching/mentorship hybrid, you get tons of coaching and strategy, as well as monthly energy clearings, and mentorship support. $5,000, installments available.

I take a limited amount of these clients because I’m very invested in your business, so please email for availability, if I have room Lizzie will be in touch with the payment link to get started.  Please note we can schedule our “quarters” around when we start, it’s every 3 months, they do not need to be Jan/April/July/Oct specifically. 

2. “I NEED YOU NOW” Session: The 911 for your business. This is for you if you’re reading this thinking, “OMG ELLEN – I have a burning question or business situation that needs your brain on it pronto.”

It’s one, two hour session where we’ll dive into whatever’s needed, fast. $550

2. Immediate Biz Intensive: 60 days of intense no holds barred coaching. You’ll receive 2 full months of 1:1 coaching/consulting/mentoring so help you go deep and go big.

There are 6, 40 minute sessions spread throughout 2 months – three weeks on, 1 week for integrating/implementing, 3 weeks on.

If you’ve got a lot you still need to work through now or are prepping for a launch in the next 60 days or have other big plans in the works, this is your best bet. $2100

Just click the desired link above to pay for your sessions, once payment is received, you’ll receive scheduling information from my talented assistant Lizzie.

If you would like to talk about payment plan options for these services, drop Lizzie an email (lizzie@ellenercolini.com) to inquire about availability.  Remember, these offers don’t have an expiration date, so bookmark this page to come back to when you need me, however prices are subject to change.

Thank you again for allowing me to support you on this incredible journey.

Keep shining,