How To Make Money From Your Online Quiz

December 3, 2015

Welcome to part 2 of How To Launch a Profitable Online Quiz. Not up to speed on the fist set of tips and tricks to make money? Check out part one, 5 Steps To Launching An Online Quiz.

So now that you are well on your way to creating your online quiz – how the heck do you take it to the next level? Buzzfeed quizzes are all well and good, but we are sweating hard to make money, not waste time.

Here are my four rules for financial success when creating a profitable online quiz

Step 1: give your readers somewhere to grow
This is pretty basic, but crucial for success – make sure you’ve thought about what your upsell will be, and when you’d like them to hit “buy”.  

Once you know what you’d like them to buy, think about what they need to realize or feel before they make their purchase. Which leads us to step number two.

Step 2: develop engaging next steps
Make sure you’re creating content that highlights the value of your upsell, not just hammering your reader to buy your upsell. Showcase it’s value and success in the world.  Create case studies, share happy client results, or write engaging articles on why what you’re up selling is needed and useful in their lives.   

Too often it’s “buy buy buy!” with no intention towards relationship building with your new reader.  If your quiz is good, it’ll start reaching a much wider audience, likely people who have never heard of you before (this is a good thing!) but you need to take care to create content that relationship builds and draws them in, not just bombarding them like human ATMs.

Step 3: craft a money path
Now that you know what your upsell is, and what engaging content you’ll be creating to guide them on their purchasing journey, you can lay the path out clearly before your readers.  Know when and where you’d like your participants to invest.  Give them an opportunity to go deeper with you.  This is where you can start to really scale and leverage your expertise if you’re savvy about it.

It goes without saying (but here I am saying it) that your content needs to be top notch. To get people to invest in something after they’ve had a taste means the sample needs to be addictive and high quality, and what they’re getting needs to be clear.

Step 4: it takes time
It takes time for people to catch on to what you’re doing — to develop a relationship with you and one day invest more.  It also takes time to keep building and refining your content.  When I launched in August I had this sense of DONE! And it turned out that was just the beginning.  Instead of beating myself up and feeling like a failure, I’m realizing that this is unfolding in phases, and that’s a good thing.

Nothing ever arrives perfectly on the first try — so much of real success is not on the launching or getting it out there, but what do you do when it’s not the grand slam you imagined? How do you handle the tweaking, expanding, growing?

Quizzes can be conversion machines, and thus, really give you the ability to boost your bottom line if you’re being intentional about how you’re using it to make money.  There’s a famous saying about going on Oprah’s show — you need to be ready to capture and harness all that attention (and likely, money) that’s going to come your way afterwards.

Think of your quiz as your Oprah visit, make sure you’re prepared to harness all that attention and engagement and capture the buckets of money headed your way in a way that feels really good to your business.

To check out the online quiz that this insight is based on, you can Find Your Frequency right here.

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