Earth Frequency Business Profile: Racheal Cook

February 9, 2016

RachealCookSquare-300x300Racheal Cook is a business and lifestyle design strategist for heart centered entrepreneurs. She teaches clients how to design a business that allows you to work when and where you want, providing the lifestyle you wish for yourself and your family. Allowing you to serve with your whole heart, a lovely side-effect of a full inspiration tank.

She’s also an Earth Frequency. While I frequently talk about Earth Frequency business owners as extremely heart driven and family focused, her use of those exact words to describe her work is entirely her own.

Her success is particularly relevant to Earth Frequency business owners because she exemplifies leading with her heart and creating slow and steady growth – hallmarks of an Earth Empire.

She’s invited us in for a behind the scenes look at how understanding her Earth Frequency has impacted her bottom line.

Tell us a bit about your business – how do you primarily make your money?

At this stage in my business, over 80% of my revenue comes from my Conscious Business Design Online Mastermind program (CBD). I’ve run 15 live rounds of this program since 2011, but I can tell you that it has been slow and steady growth over the years! When I first started, each round averaged about 20 people, these days we average about 75 participants each round.

This past year, I pressed pause on my 1×1 Mentorship program so I could really focus on making CBD even better. Just 5 years ago, my 1×1 offering was what generated 80% of my revenues, it took 5 years to feel like CBD could support the business without 1×1 work.

The rest of my revenues come from a smaller programs such as Your Sweet Site, sales of my book Fired Up & Focused, and sales the Yogipreneur side of my business – all passive information products.

What’s been the most successful growth strategy that you’ve used?

The biggest growth in my business came from throwing out the typical ‘online launch’ model for a 21 day challenge. When I created The Fired Up & Focused Challenge in January 2014, we instantly doubled the enrollment for Conscious Business Design. I felt like this free course was much more in alignment with what people would experience from me as a teacher and it really resonated with people.

Earth Frequencies are natural teachers, can you share a bit about how leaning into that helped you grow your business?

In 2015 I turned my popular 21 day challenge into a book and a podcast and the results were fantastic. After having 15,000 people go through the challenge as a free program, I was able to reach thousands more people with the book and podcast.

Can you share a bit about how you’ve developed your confidence? This can be something that really plagues Earth Frequency business owners.  

The biggest challenge in the last year was letting go of 1×1 work, this alone was worth 6-figures a year in my business. It took me nearly a year to build up the confidence to do it – it was steady and consistent work, where CBD is a launched based model with bigger cash flow ups and downs. Since my husband had left his job to come work with me, all three of my kids were in private preschool, and we had just bought a new house, there was a lot at stake! So I really took my time, hired a CFO who helped me get a better handle on cash flow, and when I had the numbers right, I was OK to make a big change in my business.

How did understanding your Earth Frequency impact your business actions and growth?

It’s made me more patient with myself. I sat down with my CFO last month and he shared that while my business is growing consistently at about 50-75% each year, I’ve increased my expenses much more than that because I’ve been focusing on delivering the best experience possible inside my group program. He works with lots of other coaches who run similar business models and noted that most people don’t do the expensive things that I do such as hire Success Coaches for additional support for my students, send out printed workbooks and additional resources, or even sending out little celebration gifts when the course is finished. But these are the touches that people really love about working with me. Knowing this makes me ready to increase the price to better reflect all the value inside the program.

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