Do What It Takes To Pay Your Bills

July 10, 2015

Something that I didn’t expect when I started my business was that my business has seasons.

When I first started taking clients, I expected things to be linear.  I expected that I’d have 3 clients one month, then 5 the next, then 7 the following month.  It never occurred to me I could go from 3 clients to no clients.  What I also didn’t expect was I could go months with a fuller practice to months where my client flow dried to a trickle.

During those times, when cashflow was scant, I went and got myself a part time job.

I did it because I needed the cashflow to feel calm and relaxed about my life.  To keep investing in myself and my business.  To do what it takes to pay my bills while continuing to weather the winter seasons of my business.

Lately I’ve been hearing people talking about going back to work like they’re dying.  Like they are complete failures for considering a part time or full time job.  They are expressing feeling like they “aren’t good enough” to make their businesses work.

Well, as you can imagine I have a few things to say about that.   In this video I share the crucial importance of cashflow, and how I ended up as a child’s birthday entertainer  -think Dora the Explorer costume and rabbit tricks.

What about you? Is your business going through a winter?  What do you need to do to make sure it survives until spring?

Put more you in your business

(regardless of your myers-brigg)

7 thoughts on “Do What It Takes To Pay Your Bills

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  2. Absolutely Ellen! This made me feel good. I left my FT corporate job to pursue my business ( health coaching) last year. Luckily, I also had my freelance design business to depend on, but both businesses have dry spells. So I made sure to have a PT job lined up at a chiropractor’s office. The steady paycheck is such a godsend because I don’t have to worry about paying my bills and I have the luxury to take my time with my business. Awesome post!

    • Fantastic Claudia! I love that you have 2 sources of income and a secure part time job. It’s so true that when the money is stable we can ENJOY the business building process so much more. Cheering you on! xx

  3. Absolutely! I just moved to a new city for my son’s schooling. Am looking for a part time job to see me through the change while l build an additional number of clients.

  4. Wise words, Ellen! And right on time as I’m considering doing part-time work and was a little concerned that it meant I’m not totally committed to my business.

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