Creating Your Essential Business Process

February 8, 2016

One of the big sand traps I see business owners getting stuck in on their way to success is reinventing the wheel for every client.   For each person that books them, they are doing whatever they need to to support them.  There are very few boundaries involved, and they are going above and beyond in all areas of their work with their clients.

While over delivering can be a boost to your business, it can also be quicksand.  Doing anything and everything for your clients is draining, and siphons your energy that you need to keep building your business as you work with clients.  It’s also hard to sell.

When on a consult with a client, it’s hard to say “I’ll be your everything.  I’ll do whatever it takes, whatever you need, whenever you want.”  That takes it from professional relationship to high school obsession, which is no good for anyone.

I’m a staunch advocate of client experience, customer service, and boundaries.  And yes, I think all three can co-exist.  

The secret to growing your business with boundaries and dream clients is developing your signature process.

Having a signature process takes you from reinventing the wheel with every client, to creating a replicable formula for success.  It becomes easier to enroll clients because you can speak to your process and proven successes.  It creates more ease and stability for you, because instead of scrambling to meet their needs and make magic happen, you’re standing in your expertise and guiding them through a transformative experience.

Watch the video below to learn exactly how to develop your signature process and leverage it for business growth.

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you have a signature process? What were some of the changes you noticed in your business after you made the transition?

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