{Client Spotlight} Summer Land, Bestselling Author of Summerlandish

March 1, 2016

My clients are rockstars. Entrepreneurial daredevils ready to invest time and energy into their businesses. 

They are on fire to grow a business that gives them the financial stability and lifestyle they long for. They are in it for the long haul, but are stuck on what to do right now. They understand there’s no such thing as overnight success seven steps to seven figures. They have all the pieces of a business, but it’s not working together and growing in the way they know it could. They are sick of formulas, group programs and cookie cutter approaches to business growth.

They are on their own, deeply personal, custom journey. This brings them to me.

Today we’re talking with Summer Land, bestselling author of the wildly funny and insightful Summerlandish: do as I say not as I did.   She shares in her own words what it was like to work with me, and how her business is forever changed.

 Summer5What were you struggling with before you hired me? Specificity is good.

Before I hired you, I had experienced a year of success as a published author, but began to plateau.
Books sales had slowed down and my Australia/ UK publisher decided not to pursue distribution in the US. I felt stuck, disappointed, yet SO CLOSE to achieving my goal of becoming a best selling author – so close, yet so far. I was struggling to stand out among fellow gen y humor authors and needed help.

What were you hoping to get out of working with me?

I was hoping to get a huge gust of wind in my sails. I also wanted some new ideas. I really love working with a team and being an author can be such an isolating endeavor. I love feeling the energy of bouncing ideas off of someone and you were incredible to do that with! I also wanted to learn how to be more profitable. My focus as an author was more about book sales for bookstores and less about, how I could capitalize on myself.

Did I deliver?

Absolutely. You made me feel hopeful. You also helped me see myself and my book from a different perspective. You helped me figure out what kind of content that I need to be creating and why. You helped me become shareable. You also helped me see all of the various ways that I could earn money as an author.

unnamed (1)What did you like most about the process?

I love that there was a solid amount of preliminary work before we had our conversation. It was nice to do a personal audit on my brand and business efforts so far. Even before we had our Skype conversation, I could see where I was going wrong. However, you were able to break things down and make all of the new ideas look really achievable. (I also liked Skyping with your dog.)

How did our work together impact your confidence/being more YOU in your business?

Seeing as I wrote a memoir and write a personal blog, I was always ME in my business haha, BUT I was able to see how people see me and what I could do to make sure I came across the way that I wanted to. It’s hard to sell yourself without sounding a little up yourself. I had to learn that it’s less about ME and my stories, and more about all of us and our stories.

What were some high impact changes that you made in your business as a result of our working together?

I changed the content that I posted on my social media accounts and blog to be more shareable and relatable. I also began vlogging on YouTube and sending out a weekly newsletter. However, the biggest change was adding a shopping cart to my website so I could sell signed copies of my book! I also began reaching out to fellow bloggers for book reviews, guest posts and cross promotion opportunities.

How did our work together effect book sales?
It took about a month, but book sales definitely picked up! I’m also seeing a steady growth in my online followers. Perhaps the best thing I’m seeing more of – is more mentions on blogs and websites about my book and blog!

How much more money did you earn after working together?
Before working with you, I was only earning the royalties from book sales from my publisher. Since working with you, I’ve now probably doubled my income. I get a much higher profit margin from selling books myself.

Summer Land ChairHow did the Frequency Analysis effect you, your business – how did you like it/what did you like about it?

This was like therapy for me. I loved it because it made me feel like everything was happening as it was supposed to. If anything, it made me relax and remember that life works in cycles and that everything can’t be 100% GO TIME all the time. It helped me realize what type of person I am and how being aware of different life cycles can help me make more rational decisions. It helped me slow down and reflect on what I’ve done, what’s working, what’s not working and where I want to go. This year is about reflection, change and growth for me and I’m embracing it.

Did you create a new killer offering?  How did that go?

Kind of – I did a Buy One Get One Free For A Friend promo so people could show their besties they love them by giving them a copy of my book and that really amped up book sales. It was super profitable since I got the books at wholesale prices.

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