{Client Spotlight} The Girl Who Knows Curator-in-Chief Stephanie Watanabe

December 29, 2014

My clients are rockstars. Entrepreneurial daredevils ready to invest time and energy into their businesses. 

They are on fire to grow a business that gives them the financial stability and lifestyle they long for. They are in it for the long haul, but are stuck on what to do right now. They understand there’s no such thing as overnight success seven steps to seven figures. They have all the pieces of a business, but it’s not working together and growing in the way they know it could. They are sick of formulas, group programs and cookie cutter approaches to business growth.

They are on their own, deeply personal, custom journey. This brings them to me.

Today we’re talking with Stephanie Watanabe, Curator-in-Chief of The Girl Who Knows.  She shares in her own words what it was like to work with me, her thoughts on business confidence and her exponential business growth.

stephanie-watanabe-thegirlwhoknows-headshot-pixiecut-shorthairWhat were you struggling with before you hired me? Specificity is good.

I was struggling BIG TIME (for years) with clarity around my business. I knew I had something to offer the world, but it was clouded by all the fears and uncertainties. As a multi-passionate lady with diverse skills ranging from filmmaking to event producing to coaching to yoga to marketing & social media — it was near impossible to find clarity about what I had to offer. Until I hired you. Within 15 minutes on the phone, you nailed it.

From that point forward I’ve had not only supreme clarity around my what I’m doing and why, but also a passionate, roaring fire in my heart to bring this work to life.

What were you hoping to get out of working with me?

I was hoping to get clarity on what my business was all about. I wasn’t looking for an instant money making plan, but something that I was so excited about, that that passion could sustain me no matter what. And I absolutely got that (and more).

Did I deliver?

Beyond delivered. Yes.

What did you like most about the process?
I liked that we had enough time together. The time was long enough that I didn’t feel rushed to come up with something or “find my purpose” in an hour. I liked that we were able to meander, talk through things, get clear and then most important begin to strategize with actionable tasks. The action steps piece for me was the game-changer. Once I had those steps for myself, I was off to the races!


DreamMapWorkshop-TheGirlWhoKnows-Danielle-LaPorte-Licensing-LosAngeles-CommuanlLA-friends-leadership-guide-community-LAHow did our work together impact your confidence/being more YOU in your business?

I think that authentic inner confidence in your business comes from clarity. Without being clear about what you do, why you do it and how you help others — I’m not sure you can have true confidence.

I found that to be very true for myself. I have always lacked confidence in business. I’m more of a creative-type than business-type. And thus didn’t feel like I could create the type of business I dreamed of. Once you and I got clear on what my business was all about, I instantly felt like “I got this!”. It was such a foreign feeling at the time. I look back now and see just how powerful clarity is and why it’s needed BEFORE you can really soar in your business.

What were some high impact changes that you made in your business as a result of our working together?

I did a complete 180 with my website and commissioned my designer and programmer to put together a whole new website for me. I created new offerings (workshops, pop-up dinners, etc.), which I then began planning and set dates for. And probably one of the biggest changes was to post on the blog 6 days per week. Since I can’t write that much on my own, I hand-curate six Guest Editors in Residence every quarter who write on the site along with me. Not only does that free me up to do other things, but it’s also great for my readers to hear from other voices besides just mine.

How much more money did you earn after working together?
I went from earning practically nothing to making almost $7,000 in one month!

If you have a group program, how did filling it up go?

I’m not gonna lie, this one is still tricky as I’m a new business owner and still establishing myself and growing my readership. But, my first workshop was entirely filled with 17 amazing people. I was stressed about how I was going to fill seats, but magically once I let go, signups came in steadily until I closed the doors.

IMG_8925Did you create a new killer offering?  How did that go?

Yes, I created a few workshop offerings and both of them were fantastic. More than the money earned or seats filled, these inaugural workshops were more about stepping into my role as a leader, as a facilitator and guide. I didn’t think I would feel so at home in that role and as it turns out — I was made for it. Just knowing that and feeling that surge of confidence, was priceless!

Anything else not captured here that’s a tangible result of our work together?

My social media following, newsletter list and website page views have increased exponentially in only 5 months since having my new website up and running. As an example, I used to have about 1,500 page views per month and in October alone I had over 10,000. It’s incredible!

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