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How To Get Your Small Business To Grow Faster...

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Within the first 5 minutes of talking to Maria Doyle, I knew I’d found a kindred spirit.  She’s an education specialist who helps online business owners like you create amazing courses, but (here’s what made me really fall in love with her) only if it’s the right fit for your business. We’re both obsessed with helping our clients create tailored businesses that play to your strengths, instead of blindly following the ‘how tos’ out there.  Talking with Maria felt like reconnecting with a long lost cousin — which makes sense since our families both hail from a pretty similar region in northern Italy. When she learned about my Frequency work, and she reverse engineered the last few years and growth of her business, the first words out of her mouth were “Where were you four years ago?!” We both know how frustrating … Continue reading

Fire Frequency Business Profile: Claire Pelletreau

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Claire Pelletreau is a Facebook ads and conversion optimization expert. She’s been playing with Facebook ads since 2011 and sharpened her skills running paid campaigns for Laura Roeder’s five and six-figure launches.  Now she applies her arsenal of knowledge to help other small businesses bring in more subscribers and sales than they ever imagined. She’s also the host of the addictive and informative, Get Paid Podcast. She’s invited us in for a behind the scenes look at how understanding her Fire Frequency has impacted her bottom line. Tell us a bit about your business – how do you primarily make your money? I’m a Facebook ads consultant who trains other business owners on how to use Facebook ads in their businesses. A large chunk of my income used to come from managing other people’s campaigns, but I’ve pivoted and now … Continue reading

Water Frequency Business Profile: Parrish Wilson

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Parrish Wilson is a Writing Coach and Editor for solopreneurs ready to share their wisdom and brilliance so that they may inspire others to flourish. She believes in writing from the heart and has developed a signature process to help business owners do just that. Parrish is a Water Frequency, and she’s invited us in for a behind the scenes look at how understanding and harnessing this has impacted her bottom line, schedule and services. Tell us a little bit about your business, how do you primarily make your money? Through a combination of small group, online workshops, and 1:1 work. Most people start working with me through one of the workshops and then move into a bigger 1:1 partnership. Water Frequency business owners often need a lot of time to float and just be with themselves.  How do you deal … Continue reading

Earth Frequency Business Profile: Racheal Cook

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Racheal Cook is a business and lifestyle design strategist for heart centered entrepreneurs. She teaches clients how to design a business that allows you to work when and where you want, providing the lifestyle you wish for yourself and your family. Allowing you to serve with your whole heart, a lovely side-effect of a full inspiration tank. She’s also an Earth Frequency. While I frequently talk about Earth Frequency business owners as extremely heart driven and family focused, her use of those exact words to describe her work is entirely her own. Her success is particularly relevant to Earth Frequency business owners because she exemplifies leading with her heart and creating slow and steady growth – hallmarks of an Earth Empire. She’s invited us in for a behind the scenes look at how understanding her Earth Frequency has impacted her … Continue reading